Faery Seekers ~ sign-up thread ~ January 23rd to February 6


Hi Faery Seekers,

Here is the sign-up thread for the next round.

Partners will be posted Tuesday, January 23rd.

Don't anyone panic, still lots of time to complete the current round. I am starting this now to have the next round ready to roll when this one is complete.

Proposed spread for this round:
A Snapshot of my Life

1 - Home and Family
2- Work and career
3 - Relationships
4 - Achievements
5 - Energies/whats around you
6 - Money and Property
7 - Lesson to learn

I was thinking the 7 cards will be a lot for some Seekers, so a modified spread would be:

1. Personal life
2. What is needed around work/school
3. Lesson I need to learn
As always, I am open to suggestions. Also, feel free to PM me with your spread suggestions.



For participants and the partners list

For participants and the partners list:

1. Marion
2. magenta
3. faerylvr
4. Jewel
5. yaraluna
6. sagewriter
7. faunabay
8. AJ


Jewel and faunabay

sagewriter and magenta

faerylvr and yaraluna

Marion & AJ

Have a good two weeks everyone!

Maybe next time I'll wait till the end of the reading to post the next round. In case folks are feeling rushed.

xxxx Marion


I am in :)

I like both spreads, any of the two will be ok for me.



I'm in. Thanks.


Count me in!


Thanks all!!! Glad to see you back. :D :D


count me in! but but...:( is to do next month right?



yaraluna said:
is to do next month right?
Oh yes, the sign-up doesn't even end until next Tuesday and then the reading period is two weeks beyond that.

You still have until next Tuesday to complete the current round.

No worries! just trying to give everyone a chance.



heya, i'd love to join in this round. it's time i rejoined the circle! xxx


That's great sage! Glad to see you again. :)