Faery Self Spread


This is a spread that came to me when I was learning to work with Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle Deck.


It forms a faery with the center line 1-4 being the present, 5-7 representing past influences, 8 representing the bridge to the future, and 9-11 representing future influences.

1 - Represents the heart of the situation
2 - Represents the head/intellectual viewpoint
3 - Gut instincts
4 - What keeps you grounded
5 - What has been your strength (bottom of large upper left wing)
6 - What has been your inspiration (top of large upper left wing)
7 - What has given you guidance (small lower left wing)
8 - Your bridge to the future
9 - Your strength in the future (bottom of large upper right wing)
10 - Your inspiration in the future (top of large upper right wing)
11 - Your guidance in the future (small lower left wing)

Though there is no single card to represent the outcome, I've found that 8-11 together paint a very personal picture of what may be. Card #8 is laid out in a horizontal position on top of card #1. I've used this spread for a good year now and it has worked well for me and my clients.

ana luisa

Thank you so much for sharing!! It looks fantastic! I´ll give it a try with my new oracle and see how it goes :)


You are most welcome! I'd love to know how it works out for you.