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I have had this deck for a while althought not used it at all. I feel inclined to pick it up and explore the deck now however the Gaelic words throw me off I have no idea how to pronounce them. The deck seems to be very interesting and rich in mythology and symbolism so I feel it is definitely worth putting time and effort into. Does anyone use this deck? How do you reconcile the Gaelic (if you don't speak it)? I thought maybe to use Google to try and find pronunciation maybe. I think this deck would offer so much if I wasn't hesitating every few minutes to try and read these old Scottish Irish words and I am Scottish. Generally what are thoughts on this deck? I am feeling it will be an interesting journey of discovery.


Hello there! :)

For pronunciation questions I usually ask this website, they also have a lot of Gaelic words!


Knowing the mythology is key to working with this deck, I feel. But I may be biased because I'm rather obsessed with Irish mythology! I do really like this deck though and certain cards have great personal significance for me, like the Chariot and the Guide (Hermit). It is worth persevering with, even though there are some flaws in it.

I thought there was only one version of the deck - as in, deck and little booklet - which has a guide to pronunciation at the back? If you don't have that, let me know and I can scan those few pages and email to you :)


I thought there was only one version of the deck - as in, deck and little booklet - which has a guide to pronunciation at the back? :)
About 15 years ago I found this deck and it book in a pawn hop- for $ 5.00 Canadian. The book is HUUUUUGE = 416 page with VERY detailed write-ups for every card and all the lore, legends and philosophy that inspired the deck creator to produce it in jut suck a way.....


I bought the 2 very large books that greatly expand on the deck, but the 'set' is the cards and small booklet. Or maybe there are other versions too?


As far as I remember, mine came in a box, as boxed set. I would have to go inth the basement into my box with unused Tarot boxes. It is a 1998 print.


There were two versions, the one in the big box with the huge book which came first, then there was a set with a small book which was a similar size to the deck.

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there are sites that will actually teach you irish or scots gaelic. I love my songs with gaelic singers.

This is a free app for irish gaelic. The two gaelics and welsh are not the same. so ya need to find out which gaelic you need.


its probably irish gaelic, because it is still the national language of Ireland. In scotland its not in that much use although there is a push to bring it back.


I'll help if you still need it, also with the mythology.