Made in Paris by --

the Anonymous Parisien

Who were the card makers of Paris ?

Here is a list drawn up from a search of various online sources, archives and registries:

1495 GUYMIER, Pierre faiser de cartes
1499 SAVOURE, Nicolas faiseur de cartes
1537 GUYMIER, Jacques marchand cartier,
1538 GUYMIER, Jean marchand cartier
1539 BELLIN, Martin maître faiseur de cartes
1546 DROUET, Guyon papetier et faiseur de cartes
1547 LAISTRE, Adam (de) marchand cartier (deceased)
1551 GUYMIER, Guy marchand cartier
1552 LODET, Jacques faiseur de cartes
1552 LAUDET, Jacques faiseur de cartes
1561 MAZIERE, Andry faiseur de cartes (deceased)
1570 MAROLLÉ, Pierre maître cartier
1572 RANCY, Nicolas Comp. cartier

1585 GUYMIER, Jehan Cartier

1602-03-30 MAROLLE, Pierre Me. Cartier

HUILLART, Martin Maître cartier
MAROLLE, Pierre Maître cartier
MORIEU, Daniel Maître cartier
TAUPIN, Laurent Maître cartier

1610-06-09 GUIMYER, Jean maître cartier
1626-03-24 LE MORIEUX, Daniel Maître cartier
1631-11-15 PICART, Nicolas Me cartier
1632-12-01 Pierre MAROLLE, seul cartier ordinaire du Roi
1642-02-27 MERRIEU, Jean Maître cartier

DAMIEN, Robert Maistre cartier cartonnier
ROBERT, Nicolas Maître et juré Cartier et cartonnier
VIEVILLE, Jacques Maître et juré Cartier et cartonnier

DELOTZ, Genetz
DELOTZ, Gilbert
(famille de papetiers et de cartiers à Thiers)

Requête pour les cartiers de Paris
DELAHUPERYE, Pierre Compagnon cartier
DELAISTRE, François Maître cartier
DELARUE, Jean Compagnon cartier
DELARUE, Louis Maître cartier
DELARUE, Michel Maître cartier
DEU, Pierre Maître cartier
FRANçOIS, Robert Compagnon cartier
FRENET, Renaud Compagnon cartier
GABOURET, Nicolas Compagnon cartier
GUILLERET, Nicolas Compagnon cartier
HELOUIN, Pierre Compagnon cartier
HEULIN, Pierre Maître cartier
HUREL, Etienne Compagnon cartier
LEBLOND, Claude Compagnon cartier
LEBLOND, Georges Compagnon cartier
LEBLOND, Jean Compagnon cartier
MATOUZEAU, Pierre Maître cartier
MéRIEUX, Antoine Maître cartier
PAULMIER, Jean Compagnon cartier
PELET, Pierre Maître cartier
PELLé, Raoul Maître cartier
POULLET, Pierre Compagnon cartier
RABBé, Guillaume Compagnon cartier
REVEL, Benoist Juré et me cartier
ROBERT, Jean Maître cartier
ROBERT, Nicolas Maître cartier
ROBLIN, Jacques Compagnon cartier
SAINT PIERRE, Raoul Maître cartier
TUTELLE, Pierre Maître cartier
VARIN, Jacques Compagnon cartier
VAUCHELIN, Claude Maître cartier
VIEVILLE, Jacques Juré et me cartier
VIRE, Roger Vire, Compagnon cartier

1652-08-12 REGNIER, Gabriel Cartier
1655-06-15 GAULTIER, Pierre Maître cartier
1666-00-00 OUINET, Jean Cartier
1666-05-31 VAUCELIN, Claude Cartier ordinaire du roi

ALOCHE, Guillaume Mtre cartier
MATOUZEAU, Pierre Mtre cartier

1676-09-22 DESBANS, Antoine Maître cartier
1680-07-27 GIRARD, Gaspard Me cartier
1681-02-12 ROBERT, Jean Maître marchand cartier
1683-04-26 GRENOUVILLE, Noël Maître cartier papetier
1684-02-05 CAMPROGER (de), Pierre Louis Maître cartier

PELLE, Pierre Me cartier papetier
DESCHALLES, Hugues Md papetier (et cartier)
LA BOISSE, Louis De Md papetier (et cartier)

1691-00-00 VERNADET, Jean Maître cartier

1691-05-17 & 1691-05-28
DUPONT, Laurent Maître cartier

1692-06-28 LASNE, Pierre Maître cartier
1692-10-07 JUSTE, Jean-baptiste Marchand cartier
1693-10-29 BOULLEUX, Louis Maître cartier
1694-01-10 OUYNET, Jean Cartier
1699-12-24 ROBERT, Nicolas maître cartier papetier

Source: http://en.geneanet.org/


1495, 27 October. Agreement and arrangement on the dowry between Genevieve, Jean Bizart's second wife, in his life a merchant of musical instruments, and his heirs: Pierre Guymier, marchand de cartes à jouer, and Olive Bizart, his wife; Guillaume Guymier, merchant bookseller, and Perrette Bizart his wife; Jean Amaulry, notary in the châtelet of Paris, and Guillaume Maillet, merchant chandelier, acting as tutors of Martial Bizart (son of the 1st marriage of the deceased); Jean Bausse and Jean Le Conte, merchants, acting as guardians of Nicolas and Jeanne Bizart (children of the second marriage of the deceased).

1496 (n.st.), 19 February. A new title or declaration by Pierre Guymier, merchant, card-maker and bourgeois of Paris, and his wife Olive Bizart, and Pierrette Bizart, his widow of the deceased Guillaume Guymier, to Jean Bonny. To pay an annual rent of eighteen pounds parisis in favor of Gervais Targer seated on various real estates (a house in Les Halles, behind the Pilori, in the image Saint-Martin, a house in rue Guérin-Boisseau, a stall in Sell fish, at the Porte Baudet) and rents (12 sous parisis to be taken on a vineyard at the Courtille). 19 February 1496

1499 Certification by Jean Leclerc, surgeon in Paris, and Yvonnet Lebastart, laborer and laborer in Paris, rue du Temple, according to which Guillaume Tullier, who received a sword at the right knee, is still very ill. 13 July 1499 - 18 July 1499 - Following: 1499, 18 July. Same attestation by Jacquet Jehan, carrier, and Nicolas Savoure, card-maker, sick at the Hôtel-Dieu. July 12, 1499, notice No. 4341

1537 Inventory following death of Jacques Guymier, merchant card-maker bourgeois of Paris, residing in the rue Saint-Denis, at the sign of the Fleur de lis, drawn up at the request of Yollant Poisson, his widow. 17 August 1537

1538 Inventory following the death of Jean Guymier, merchant cartier and bourgeois of Paris, residing rue Aubri-le-Boucher, sign of Trois-Poissons, drawn up at the request of Geneviève de Laistre, tutor of Germaine, Jean, Geneviève, Guillaume , Guyon and Marie Guymier, his minor children. 15 July 1538

1546 Transaction between Guillaume Drouet, his son Pierre Drouet, both laborers at Gentilly, and his other son, Guyon Drouet, paper and cardmaker, in Paris, on the one hand, and François Crozon, notary at the Châtelet, On the other hand, to whom the former abandoned the cellars, vaults and staircase existing under the house of Francois Crozon, at Gentilly, in front of the crossroads, for ten gold crowns, forming part of the house with the sign of the " Ecu of France; An adjoining wall will be raised, half-way, to separate the property from each part. Signature of Guyon Drouet. 16 June 1546

1547 Inventory following the death of Perette de La Brosse, widow of Adam de Laistre, merchant cartier and bourgeois of Paris, residing in the rue Saint-Denis, at the sign of the Ecu of Milan, drawn up at the request of Nicole de Laistre, Priest, clerk of the Saints-Innocents factory, Genevieve de Laistre, widow of Jean Guymier, Thibaud de Laistre, Jean Cappelle and Marguerite de Laistre, his wife, and Jean Durcos and Perrette de Laistre, his wife And bourgeois of Paris, children of the deceased. 4 January 1547

1551 Furnishing of rooms for the sale of butter, Paris Halles. 18 January 1551:
Speaker 1, in part 1:
Name, capacity: (M.) Langloys, Oudin (bourgeois of Paris).
Occupation: merchant, Paris.
Speaker 2, second part:
Name, capacity: (M.) Guymier, Guy.
Marital status: married.
Occupation: cartier (marchand), Paris.
Speaker 3, in the second part:
Name, capacity: (Mrs. or Miss) Langloys, Genevieve.
Marital status: married.
Occupation: merchant of butter, Paris, Halles.
Relationship: wife of the intervener 2

1552 Sale by Robert Delanoue, illuminator, bourgeois of Paris, married to Catherine Dupuis, and Jacques Lodet, card-maker, bourgeois of Paris, to Pierre Hotman, councilor in Parliament, married to Paule de Marle, . P., Half of a rent of 20 s. P. Sitting on a half acre of land and garden at Clamart, and on a quarter of land and pond, the same place, said the streets, holding on one side to the rivulet of La Fontaine, and ending up on the high road to Paris, For 10 l. T. September 11, 1552

1552 Lease for nine years by Pierre Hotman, Parliamentary counselor, Nicolas Dupuis, goldsmith, Robert Delanoue, illuminator, Jacques Laudet, card maker, all acting on their behalf, and by Michel Toutain, goldsmith, as tutor of children Of his marriage to Isabeau Coinel, Miles Tassart, goldsmith, because of his wife Catherine Divers, and Jean d'Auvilliers, merchant of sea fish, because of his wife, Jeanne Coise, widow in the first marriage of Jacques Aubin, All bourgeois of Paris, to Nicolas Lemoine, laborer, Villeparisis, of all the inheritances, located at Villeparisis and Vaujours, which belonged to the late Nicaise Dupuis, and whose landlords are undivided owners, [Continued from description in additional information] 19 October 1552

1561 Transport forf the widow of Andry MAZIERE, in his life a cartier, card making in Paris. 18 June 1561

1570 Minutes (inventory after death). 1570 - 1579
Inventory after death of Marguerite Guéret, wife of Pierre Marolle, master cartier, rue Aubery le Boucher where hangs the sign 'Le Mortier' and formerly the 'Tinpot'.

1601 Several acts of Jean GUYMIER, master cartier and only cartier of the King, bourgeois of Paris, residing at rue Aubry-le-Boucher, like having the charge and administration of the children of Renaude DURU, now his wife, before ...

1601 § Marriage of Benoît ROBERT, master baudroyeur in Paris, residing rue de la Fontaine Maubué, parish of Saint-Médéric, and Marie BERNARD, daughter of deceased Michel BERNARD, master baudroyeur in Paris and Renaude DURU, now wife of Jean GUYMIER , Master cartier and only cartier of the King, bourgeois of Paris, residing rue Aubry-le-Boucher, dwelling in the house of Jean GUYMIER, his father-in-law. 12 August 1601

1602 PAPIER (market of) § Promise by Mathieu DUMAS, merchant in Thiers, currently in Paris, in charge of Etienne DUMAS, also a merchant in Thiers, his uncle and partner, Laurent TAUPIN, Daniel MORIEN and Jean MEURIEN, cardmakers of Paris to furnish them with 1200 oars of fine cartier paper, half way of Ambert made at Thiers and the other half way of DUMAS, item 800 reams of 'gros vilain' and three wood, 120 reams of 'grand raisin', 240 reams of Spanish fine, plus 120 reams of Spanish rough, from 3 months in 3 months, for 1918 ecus 40 sols. 21 March 1602

1602 Transaction between Jean GUYMIER, ordinary cartier of the King (alone), residing rue Aubry-le-Boucher, sign of Three Fishes, parish of Saint-Jacques-de-la-B., Pierre RABUSSEAU merchant perfumer at the Palais, because of Madeleine GUYMIER, his wife, formerly under the tutelage of the late Jean MOREAU, and Jean PREVOST, merchant draper of the bourgeoisie of Paris, tutor of Claude MOREAU, son of the deceased. 7 March 1602

1602 Marriage contract between Guillaume Le Brest, 26 years old, companion of sheepskin (?), residing rue Petite Truanderie, parish of Saint-Eustache, son of Robert Le Brest, deceased, master barber, residing in Saulgron, Picardie and Françoise Hache , Marie Pepin, 25 years old, a seamstress in linen, a servant in the house of Sieur de la Grange Courtin, residing in the rue des Deux Boules, parish of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois, daughter of Thomas Pepin , Card maker, and Jeanne Maubert, on the other hand. 6 July 1602

1603 § Procurement of Madeleine GUYMIER, wife of Pierre RABUSSEAU, bourgeois merchant of Paris, residing in Rue Neuve-Notre-Dame, Pierre RABUSSEAU, bourgeois merchant of Paris, her husband, daughter of deceased Guyon GUYMIER, merchant cartier residing rue Aubry- The-Boucher, and heiress, for 1/3 of the late Jean GUYMIER the elder, his brother, merchant in Lyon rue Mercier Paquelle. 31 October 1603

1604 GUYMIER (Jean) Only cartier ordinaire of the King and master Cartier in Paris, rue Aubry-le-Boucher § Bail of vines in Fontenay near Bagneux by Jean GUYMIER and others

1604 CARTIERS (the masters) jurors in Paris § Agreement after trial between the Master CARTIERS and Jean GUYMIER, about the Ecu of France and Poland brand with 2 columns, to put on their cards, tarots and covers 1604

1605 CARTIER (master) (Inventory) § Inventory at the request of Pierre MAROLLE master CARTIER bourgeois of Paris rue Aubry le Boucher, after the death of Michelle TAUPIN, his wife 1605

1606 GENERAL TAXATION OF TAROTS CARDS AND DICE IN THIS REALM § Marketing of cards of the cardmakers of Troyes, by Pierre de CHAURAIS, tax officer of Taxes on tarot cards and dice of this Kingdom. Minutes. 1606

1606 § Promise by Etienne DEMAS, merchant residing at Thiers, being lodged in Paris at Jean GUYMIER's, cartier and king's valet, rue Aubry-le-Boucher, in Bénigne LE ROY, bourgeois merchant of Paris, residing rue Aubry-le -Boucher, to deliver him by boat to the port of Saint-Paul, all the time that the duration of the tax imposition put on cards, tarots and dice in this Kingdom, made by the Council of the King to M. Minutes. 1606

1606 CARTIERS (the masters) of Paris Minutes § Ratification by the. .. an Arbitral Award arising out of a Contract between the. .., concerning cards and Tarots (passes before DESNOTE the 3rd.) This sentence orders the distribution of 20 companions among the masters of the trade who ratify .

1607 MAROLLE (Michel) master cartier residing rue des Arcis, son of deceased Pierre MAROLLE, also master cartier in Paris and Michelle POLI. § Marriage of Michel MAROLLE and Marie FASIÉ, in the presence of Pierre MAROLLE, master cartier in Paris, brother of Michel MAROLLE 1607

1608 CARTIERS (the Masters) of Paris Minutes.§ Agreement between the Masters CARTIERS and André BRIGAND, General Tax inspector of the cards, dice and tarots of this kingdom of France, residing in the Rue des Cinq-Diamants, concerning the marks to be affixed to the cards, The Council Regulation.

1609 MAROLLE (Pierre) master cartier rue Aubry-le-Boucher and Guillemette LE MARESCHAL, his wife. § Constitution by Pierre MAROLLÉ to Pierre DUNEPART, master dressmaker in Paris. ; Idem.

1609 DELARUE (Simon) a bourgeois papermaker in Paris residing in the rue Saint-Denis, parish of Saint-Leu-St Gilles § Declaration of Simon DELARUE and Laurant TAUPIN the elder and the younger, cardmakers, In the presence of Guillaume DUPEYRAT, a merchant in Thiers, a paper bullet bearing the mark of DUPEYRAT of No. 30 containing 64 sheets of paper called fine cartier on which 12 oars were anchored in the boat on the Loire and because of the rot of the paper which can not serve the 12 trains are worth only about 7 sols 6 deniers June 16 1609

1610 Marriage contract between Nicolas Gripon, companion of Cartier, residing in rue Aubry-le-Boucher, parish of Saint-Josse, son of Jean Gripon, deceased, master cartier, residing in Rouen and de Thomasse Gripon (? Marie Rousseau, daughter of Roch Rousseau, master hatter, and Marguerite Dolle, on the other hand. 18 April 1610

1610 CARTIER Maker of tarot cards, cartons 'feullets' in Paris MAROSIAUD (Nicolas) and Sarah de GOUY, his wife § Procuration of Nicolas MAROSIAUD 30 November 1610

1611 CARTIERS [and TAROTS] association of masters § association of masters CARTIERS for the execution of the mold and head of valet garnished with its molds and patterns as they are and that they were sold by Daniel MONIEU to Louis PELLE , Master cartier in Paris. Minutes. 1611

1611 PAPETIER in Thiers § Receipt of Pierre RIGODIAS, merchant coutelier in Thiers, authorized officer of Guillaume PEYRAT PAPETIER to Isabelle MERIEUX, widow of Laurent TAUPIN, middle-class cartier of Paris rue Aubry-le-Boucher, the sum of 1000 livres en Payment of a schedule. October

1612 CARTIERS, makers of cards, tarots, leaflets and cartons in Paris § Conventions between the CARTIER jurors to pay the necessary moneys to obtain the privileges of His Majesty concerning their trade. Minutes. 1612, July – December

1613 CARTIER (Master) (Apprenticeship) § Apprenticeship by Jean ORENGE, native of Malleville in the country of Caux, with Nicolas MATOSIAU master CARTIER, making cardboard, tarot, sheets and boxes, in the presence of Pierre MAROLLE master CARTIER sworn. Minutes. 1613, July – December

1613 GUYMIER (family) master cardmakers in Paris § Marriage of Jean GUYMIER, master cartier rue Aubry-le-Boucher son of the late Jean GUYMIER, common cartier du Roi and Renaude DURU, with Isabelle MERIEU, widow of Laurent TAUPIN, also master cartier In Paris and the King's ordinary cartier, remaining called the street. Witnesses: Pierre MAROLLE, also master cartier in Paris, ally. (Many acts GUYMIER in the study) July 10, 1613

1619 PAPETIERS (community of) in Paris § Agreements between Pierre GOUST, master papermaker sworn on the Pont Notre-Dame and Mathurin TIXIER, also master papier sworn rue de la Truanderie on the one hand and jurors of the neighborhood community of tarot card-makers, and on the other hand, at trial, the papermakers, considering that the goods seized on Pierre TURGIS, merchant mercier in Paris, had to be confiscated because of peddling. 1619, July – December

1628 MATOUZEAU (Nicolas) master cartier in Paris, residing rue Aubry-le-Boucher. § Obligation of Nicolas MATOUZEAU to Nicolas DE MONCUICT, merchant mercier privileged according to the Court, of 80 £. loan. 19 August 1628

1634 MAROLLE (Pierre) master cartier and only cartier of the King, bourgeois of Paris § Consent by Pierre MAROLLE to Louis PELLE, master cartier in Paris to that he continues the enjoyment of a quarter of garden to Antony. ; Sale of the garden by Louis PELLE and Marguerite DUPORT his wife, to Antoine FRADET, Parliamentary counselor, in the presence of Pierre MAROLLE, [of the garden, for 135 £ 1634

1638 § Marriage contract between Pierre HEULIN, master cartier, residing in the Rue Troussevache, and Marie CAMBERT, daughter of the deceased Robert CAMBERT, master sword-maker, residing in the Rue d'Orleans. Signatures of Charles and Constant CAMBERT, master swordsmiths, uncles. December 1638

1644 CARTIERS (community of masters) § Agreements between the members of the CARTIERS community concerning cards, tarots and dice Minutes. 1644, July – December

1644 MATOUZEAU (Pierre) merchant cartierin Paris § Marriage of Marin DELARUE, merchant mercier in Paris and Marie MERCIER, widow of Daniel LE COINTRE, clerk of the waters and forests in Clermont eh Beauvaisis, in the presence of Pierre MATOUZEAU, uterine brother of Future wife. October 17, 1644

1644 LEGOULX (Pierre) a paper merchant of P. § Apprenticeship. By Pierre LEGOULX during 5 years of Georges L. nephew, 19 years old, vigneron at Robert DAMIEN master cartier cartonnier, no apprentices fees. 7 March 1644

1650 GUYMIER (family) masters in Paris § Marriage of Jean GUYMIER, master cartier rue de l'Aubert-le-Boucher Jean GUYMIER, common cartier of the King and Renaude DURU, with Isabelle MERIEU, widow of Laurent TAUPIN And ordinary cartier of the King, remaining called street. Witnesses: Pierre MAROLLE, also master cartier in Paris, ally. (Many acts GUYMIER in the study) 1650

1654 Robert du Saint-Pierre, a cartier merchant in Paris, residing in the Rue Saint-Honoré, at the corner of Rue des Bons-Enfants, in the parish of Saint-Eustache, and Isabelle de Launne, serving Camille Fiavi, Octave's wife Carli, lord of the Parrousel, the King's ordinary councilor and maitre d'hôtel, residing in the Rue du Figuier, parish of Saint-Paul: marriage contract. Record No. 2961 Date of Act: May 20, 1654

Source: http://www.archivesportaleurope.net/fr/home


1538 Jean Guymier, merchant cartier and bourgeois of Paris, residing rue Aubri-le-Boucher, at the sign of Three Fishes

1602 Transaction between Jean GUYMIER, ordinary cartier of the King (alone), residing rue Aubry-le-Boucher, at the sign of Three Fishes

Jack of clubs with symbol of the Guymier family of cardmakers, the sign of the three fishes:


By Guyon Guymier (?), c1520



As well as French suited playing cards the Guymier family made decks with latin suited decks (more spanish style than italian) - latin suited decks were usually used in France for games of either tarot or aluette (many similarities between the anonymous paris tarot pips and aluette cards) -

Jean Guymier in 1587 is mentioned as a maker of tarot cards - but we know the family made latin suited decks before him from the inventories after their death of Jacques Guymier in 1537 and of [another] Jean-Guymier in 1538, in which are listed prints with batons, and also in that of Jean Guymier three moulds for batons with the name of Je[h]an Guymier inscribed upon them -

Here is a fragment of cards with the name of Je[h]an Guymier that are at the BnF, c1580:



What a big sword you have, Grandpa!


Yours ain't too bad either, son;)

[Tarot de Paris anonyme & fragment of court cards by Jehan Guymier]


The coin on the Jehan Guymier Knight of Coins:


Leo Belgicus or Spanish lion?

Flipping it and struggling with the lettering, I think I can make out HISPA

= Hispania


panish coin(s) on latin suited French decks is possible a relic of the Spanish style latin suits that were used in France (for another example, the coat of arms of Kingdom of Spain on the Ace of Coins in Aluette decks - moved to the 2 of coins on the anonymous TdP) --

On some spanish coins the Kingdom of Spain is represented by a Castle (for City of Castile) on one side, and a lion (for City of Leon) on the other, as for example on coins of Phillipe III:



kwaw said:

From period of Phillipe III ?

re: IIIO is where the date would be (1610?)

That would make it later than the period BnF cites (1575-1595)

I am not sure on what basis the BnF dating is made - it cannot be on the name Jehan Guymier as there were at least four Je[h]an Guymier cardmakers in Paris from c1475 to c1675 over the generations of the Guymiers (with other members as cardmakers too, eg Guyon, & Jacques)