Falling in Love in a Dream


I had a dream last night in which I fell madly and completely in love with one of my workmates (Who yesterday told me he fancied me, and, IMO isn't too bad hmself! :p) Was this dream merely wish fulfillment, or did it mean something?



Hi Kiama.
Very often, if I meet somebody that holds some kind of importance to me, like attraction, I dream about them the following night. In the situation you describe, I would surely dream about him!

I don't think there are any special significance to my dreaming-pattern. I dream about people and events that make an impression on me.

One question though: how much do you fancy him? })



aeonx said:

One question though: how much do you fancy him? })


Lots and lots and lots and lots. I was really annoyed when Mum woke me up this morning in the middle of this dream!

Of course, I love my current boyfriend too... How come I don't deam about him? (I bet there are people reading this, thinking I'm a hussy for fancying another bloke, but, as my Mum always says: "It doesn't matter where you get your appetite from, as long as you eat at home!"


All Is One

Fancy eating at home. . . if MY mom was cooking?

Hello K:

I think you sound like a girl/woman ( I am claiming the same at 40!) who may need a free rein. I have known europeans and traveled . . .but I wish it were not such an issue to BE "a bit of a hussy" (what do men do that they would not all be called " a bit of a something. . .")


Tell yourself how you feel about him, watch his eyes when he
speaks to YOU-
Watch his hands and carriage (;)) when he thinks noone is looking~~~

and drag three of your friends to check him out and give opinions

BEFORE you fall into the daydream of the perfect Knight of Swords.

(in your case- I'd say . . .?. . .Knight of Cups?)

follow which ever part of you speaks loudly and stands tallest~


Thanks for the advice, All Is One!

Its weird, cuz I'm in a wonderful long-term relationship with my boyfriend, and I love him SOOOOOO much its unbelievable: I can't describe how much I love him. Every time I see him, my heart leaps and I am instantly happier when I am around him. We share a wonderful bond, and we have great times together. Our relationship is practically ideal, except that sometimes I wonder what it would be like with other men... Not relationship wise, but sexually... I know I would never throw away what I have with my boyfriend just for one night with another guy,, so I guess this dream was more of a wish-fulfillment than anything else... (Gimme more of these dreams Goddess! PLEEEEASSE!!!!)


All Is One

Blessed with heart fluttering passion. . . ?

Oh my blessed saints and garters- Kiama!

If yyou can post the dream and you have someone who



I forgot exactly how young, but I remember you saying you are - 17?

I knew more at 14 - 17 yrs old than later~ I had not been hurt, I had not
learned to hide my true self, I had never buckled to a man for one minute.

(Dad-men are not included)

Tonight- my "man" is sulking. . .all night- while I sit here and wonder if I
have ANYTHING to give him now.

I have nothing to say except:

enjoy the dreams and be true-

and you knew all that~


Thanks All Is One! That made me feel alot better... Yep, I am sweet 17...

Also, (((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) to you and your man.


All Is One

Original post was deleted 8 years later.....it didn't add to the thread.


Kiama, I've been with hubbie for six years. We have children, I've no intention of every straying. But I have these dreams everynow and then. I consider them a gift. Allowing me to feel the initial rush of meeting someone.
After you have been going out for a while, you lose that just falling in love feeling. There is still plenty of love. Every bit as good as that initial feeling. But it's different.
Not every dream has meaning, some just allow us to express what we are are unable to feel in real life.
It is hard, I know when it is someone you actually see al ot. But don't worry too much, and don't read into it more than is there.
There is nothing wrong with still being attracted to other people. It's human. What is the alternative? I don't fancy that at all.


i fall in love in my dreams sometimes..............it feels wonderful. :D

i don't know what it means though.