Fans of Ancient Egypt...


...might enjoy this? Going for that "ancient" look! :D

Just Playing. Only 77 more to go... :laugh:


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Beautifully done, Macavity. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work, if you decide to continue.


Mcavity, take a look at this site:

Halfway down, the Lion man & Lion woman. It's prehistoric--about 30,000BC, but it could have been done in Egypt. It's got that look. I ran across the site Tuesday looking for samples of Venus statuettes.



I really like the simple style, are you taking it on as a serious project?

What do the heiroglythics say?


HudsonGray, thats an excellent link, The venus of Monpazier is an odd looking thing !


Nicely designed! If this is just a one-off, I'll be sorta disappointed. The general look and feel is balanced and 'real'. Good job, and I hope there'll be more.


Folks, thank you for the positive comments.

It is likely a one off, rather than a serious project. This due to the technique, or rather my own lack of artistic talent! But, I am a big fan of Egyptian images and decks of that ilk. This is rather like Sylvana Alasia's (of Lo Scarabeo) papyrus-look, drawing "inspiration" too from Clive Barrett. In some sense, it has been "done before" - Indeed firstly by the Ancient Egyptians themselves? :laugh:

This is drawn with Macromedia's "Fireworks". I don't mind sharing that the entities are in fact mostly FONTS, drawn over a "papyrus" background. Egyptian art lends itself rather well to this idea. Indeed, much artwork was derived from or is meaningful as Hieroglyphs! But, it shows perhaps what COULD be done... with a little thought and application? I may yet continue... but slowly? ;)

It WOULD be nice to have an "Papyrus Deck" that owed less to Hermeticism? It'd be fun to e.g. have ALL text in Hieroglyphs which, in itself, must present a challenge! I came across these texts in a book by Christian Jacq: The meanings are "luminous eternity" (left) and "cyclical eternity". The wheel particularly could fit in with Egyptian concerns with cycles of seasons and... eternity generally? But, having failed in looking for words like "wheel" and "fortune", these seemed at least vaguely appropriate! :)

Thanks for the links. It's always fascinating to look at these. It never ceases to amaze me that the Ancients were (apparently) familiar with so MANY animals: Lions, Elephants, Giraffes... all these have glyphs! :D



Macavity...very very cool.

how about a 22 card deck? One of my favourite majors only is the 'i Tarocchi Egizi'. But if you were to publish yours...

Major Tom

What a clever kitty!


I think you owe to yourself (not to mention your adoring fans) to carry on with this.

A majors only deck in 'your' style would be very cool. :smoker:

You could do the pips unillustrated. :laugh:

There's no time limits or rules. Just let it flow. ;)