Farey Oracle - What will the new year bring to me


I asked the farey oracle "what will the new year bring between a friendship and I."
In 16 it's been quite complex and non existent at times, I'm curious to see what would occur in '17. I'm fairly sure it's going to be quite the same.

Additional information (Jumper)
8 Cry for nature - Mourning for something sacred which seems lost.

Main spread

Past - Midnight prince 43 - Ask for what you want - Be honest
Present - Dragons Pet - 42 - Communication between species, animals, pets, magical companions, guardianship.
Future - Glimpse 34 - Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal children and beyond.

My take

In the past I see that the midnight prince is telling me that I need to be honest about what I desire in the friendship, I may have had ideas and that's quite possibly why I've got to where I am now. I believe it's saying it hasn't been easy as there's been a little drama which has needed to be healed, and blocks along the way. In the present I believe it's telling me we're slowly communicating and it's getting a little bit better month by month, I believe dragons pet is saying we need to find a common ground again in order to get a friendship back on track. I feel it's saying things are changing and that I should ask for help to strengthen the connection and bond. Future Glimpse I believe Glimpse is saying I need to continue to speak the truth and stand up for what I believe in, I feel Glimpse is telling me things will change in time if I do this.

Jumper Cry for nature - I beleive is telling me not to give up and continue on fighting this fight I have with them, just because progress doesn't look like it's being made doesn't mean it isn't.

Other opinions would be warmly welcomed because this is a new deck to me.
I'm all eyes!

)o( xx


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