Favorite Spreads (5-10 Cards)

Kat Moon

Okay guys I am looking for some fun new spreads to try out. What are your favorite 5 to 10 card spreads?

And... Go....



There are very few spreads I remember except the Celtic Cross - because the rhyme I know for that, I remember well.
And ahh... this other spread:

~Circumstance Spread~ (Or Star of David/Hexagram spread)

-------1,---8 -------

1) Subject
2) Past
3) Influence
4) Future
5) Advice
6) Outcome
7) Then what?
8) Bonus/other/spirit message.

I remember this with a rhyme again:
Draw the Fire triangle first, from the left (2,3,4,) - "the past, influence(s), the future"
Draw the Water triangle second, from the left (5,6,7,)- "the advice, outcome, and then what?"

I have to look up most anything else.

I've always liked this one:

~Personal Compass Spread~ (you can sort of join the numbers to draw a hand mirror shape, with a cross bar on the handle. It makes me think of self reflection - and of compasses)

----6, 7, 8,----

1) At this moment
2) What you carry (cross)
3) What brought you here (Base)
4) Something leaving your life
5) Something entering your life
6, 7, 8) Resources
9) Advice
10) Direction to go

And so Kat Moon - what about a favourite spread of yours? :)

Kat Moon

I LOVE both of those!! Can't wait to give them a try. The star of David is wonderful!!

My favorite/go to spread is:


It is one that I put together.
1 ~ the situation as it is now
2 ~ what you can do right now to move in the right direction
3 ~ What you are not seeing, hidden factors
4 ~ Near future outcome if you do what card 2 says and accept what card 3 is
5 ~ Advice


Celtic Cross Rhyme

Hi Tanga,

What is the rhyme for the Celtic Cross?


Hi Tanga,

What is the rhyme for the Celtic Cross?

Well the positions vary now - depending on whether I make the cross like a "sign of the cross" - or decide to go in a spiral layout (or something else)...
But here it is (spiral presently. I found it in a book somewhere.):

1 finds you (the current situation)
2 crosses you (present influence/obstacle)
3 before you (immediate future events)
4 below you (base/foundation/subcoscious)
5 behind you (recent past)
6 crowns you (potential opportunities/conscious)

7 for your house and home (environment and physical self)
8 for your hopes and fears (and mental self)
9 for what you least expect (outside influences and emotional self)
10 for what is sure to be (final outcome on current path and spiritual self)

11 timing and advice
12 influences of past affecting future outcome


Thanks Kat Moon for your 5 card spread... :)
I'll probably change the shape to remember it...