Feeling Lonely


I'm a Christian who is also interested in the tarot and I find that, with the exception of one Christian friend, most feel I am involved in something wicked and evil, even in my beloved, liberal leaning Episcopal Church. I want to start a beginner diary as a blog but I'm thinking of doing it under another name so that it doesn't interfere with other stuff I have written, but I'm afraid my style might show through because I'm a writer. Maybe I should quit trying to hide it and just be open about it, I don't know. A lot of people already think I'm wicked because I'm bisexual. So maybe adding tarot to that will be no big deal, except they think it's playing with the devil which is about the same as being an abomination I suppose. The thing is I want to be able to write freely about tarot because it's a part of me and I write about things that mean a lot to me.

I'm just a beginner so maybe my thoughts on tarot aren't worth much anyway but I wanted to start a beginner diary so people could follow that if they wanted to. My friend that is ok with tarot is Eastern Orthodox, and I did an oracle reading for her about something and it was very accurate. I mostly stick to my oracle cards right now because I'm still learning and they seem easier to master and the cards work really well with me and like me and I like them. They are a fan deck, the "House of Night" oracle cards but my tarot reading friend said that even a fan deck can be used and be accurate, and I trust her because she's good at tarot and has validated some of my readings for me. She's not a Christian but very respectful of my beliefs.

I don't think someone has to be a Christian as long as they are respectful but I do wish more of my Christian friends would open their minds to at least see that I'm not involved in anything bad.

I'm not sure I said much of anything in this thread but if anyone wants to chat with me, please do.


Katyanne, you just go on being you, and don't mind others. Sometimes that can be hard. So maybe when they don't understand you, you can just send them love in your thoughts, and move on. Walk at your own pace, and eventually, you will meet others who walk at that pace, too. :livelong:

It's ok to like the tarot, and it's ok to be bi. These things are not abominations, and I feel God makes us as we are because it is what we need to be; and it is all a gift. :love:

Love the gift that you are! :heart:

That's my advice, anyways :) and you are never alone. There is always some love, somewhere, around you...Be love, and be well!


So, the bad news is that the friends who don't accept (or at least tolerate) all parts of you aren't really your friends in the first place.

The good news is that the tarot community (and the world) is so diverse, wide, and accepting that you'll make new friends.

Sometimes we need to recognize when we've outgrown certain relationships, appreciate and show gratitude to the lessons they've taught us, and let them go with good intention.

Side note: Two good sources of youtube inspiration for you might be Elise of Wild Moon Woman and Chase of Two of Owls. From what I can tell they have had an interesting time with the Christian community as well.

*side side note: I peeked at your profile (I like to check out others collections) and just wanted to say I hated the traditional RWS images too, but it really is the easiest to learn on. I recommend the centennial version... the colors are more muted so they might be more to your liking.


Hello Katyanne,

For one thing, your thoughts on Tarot are always valuable; just because you have less experience doesn't mean your insights aren't worthwhile to others. There's a lot to be said for intuition!

I too am Christian (among other things) but I'm fortunate enough to be among many others who accept my interests if not share them. I was raised Catholic but have been going to a Unitarian Universalist church for several years now. If there's such a church in your area, you might talk to someone from there. (The only difficulty there is that some of the people there are down on Christians.)

Padma is right; our talents are gifts from God. We were given talents to use, not to ignore. If you have a talent for divination, you have the right, if not the duty, to make the most of it. Clergypersons are human too, prone to mistakes and misunderstandings like the rest of us. And many people who are downright afraid of what they can't see will categorize that as evil. As for using a pseudonym for your blog, only you can decide that. I wouldn't worry too much about your writing style; if you use standard English (and you do) you will sound like very many other people. Anyway, those who disapprove of your interests won't be likely to read a blog with the topics you want to present.

Good luck!


I'm 70, and I've learned to not really care what other people think about me.

There are people I discuss tarot with because I trust them not to judge. I have other friends who have made it obvious that they aren't interested, so I drop it. I've only known two people who thought it was evil. For all kinds of reasons, I'm not in contact with them anymore.


I so understand where you are coming from, because I too, hide my tarot reading & other abilities from some associates & family members. I was born & raised Catholic & even worked for years for the Catholic Church. Some of my Catholic friends know of my abilities of course & are even customers of mine. But, I do still hide it from a lot of the others & some I do consider close friends.

If I were you, I think I would write about it under a false name. Maybe in time you won't care who knows of your tarot reading/oracle reading abilities. But, if at this time, you wish to do so & not worry how you will be received in certain circles, then by all means do so under false name.


I don't know that I have any "abilities" to read. Occasionally I feel confident that I know what a card means or whatever but I'm still using the help of books and videos right now. In fact I posted a reading last night that was confusing to me (that nobody has helped with yet) and I knew for sure what one or two of the cards were saying without looking at the book but couldn't elaborate too much. But I am learning. I actually prefer a certain oracle deck right now because I find it easy to read.


I don't think someone has to be a Christian as long as they are respectful but I do wish more of my Christian friends would open their minds to at least see that I'm not involved in anything bad.

You can waste a lot of time in life wishing other people were different than they are. And you will miss a lot.

If you want them to let you be, your gonna have to learn to let them be too. And once in a while, they will realize you being true to yourself and they will learn from the example of tolerance and patience you show.

Or not. But either way, the only one you can control is yourself. Get good at that. Leave them to themselves.


I agree with JMI. You can't control the beliefs of others, nor should you try. Tarot isn't evil - there are plenty of decks of cards out there that are angel-related, even, if you would feel more comfortable with something like that. The most important part of learning tarot is trusting your own intuition, something that isn't mystical at all, though it may be spiritual. Some people see their readings as messages from the divine; I see mine as clarifications of my own subconscious. Whatever your beliefs, they're just cards. It's certainly not evil. Neither is being bi. God made you that way, after all.

You do you. Let other people do them. You've joined a really diverse community with many kinds of believers in the cards. Let your wings open here, and don't worry so much about what your friends think.


I think it is important for them to be reminded as to what tarot cards actually are. They are made of cardboard and have pictures printed on them. Not unlike Holy Cards. They are massed produced, just like the wafers at Communion are. You buy them in stores like Barnes and Noble, in the spirituality section, just beyond the Bibles and Books of Common Prayer and Lives of the Saints! The cards are not evil. How could they be? What superstitious nonsense. Then again, massed produced wafers turning into the body and blood of Christ? Oh, wait. That would be bringing one's faith into the picture. And that is exactly what you are doing. Bringing your faith.

Cards are not evil. Churches are not evil. Religion and Spirituality is not evil. It is what you bring to it that renders it good or bad. Remind them of that. :)

I was brought up Episcopalian, converted to the RCC and am now lapsed and a practicing witch. But faith and goodness is the first rule in my book and always has been, no matter what path I follow. :)