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Phoenix Spirit

i'm creating a tarot deck usin fantasy female icons...but i'm running out of ideas!

please help? if you have any suggestions, then please tell me.

so far, i've got these;

fire bird(in other words the phoenix((adaption from the russian bally))
lady of the lake
and mother earth

feeble, i know... :(


How about a fertility goddess? She's been around at least from the time of the Venus de Milo...


what about that folk tale about the two women that weaved - they were weaving history basically and then they turned into spiders. oh, it's been a long time ago but i remeber it being a beautiful tale.


maybe Ondine its a beautiful story, but she could perhaps be the Lovers card or a cups court card


How about using the Three Fates or Lady Luck for the Wheel of Fortune, or distributing the Nine Muses among some of the other Majors? And of course Hathor -- she might fit in the Empress. Isis for the HP. Asherah, Lilith, Bettie Page... there's no lack of feminine archetypal figures...


Pele Hawaiian Goddess of fire ....

and here she is... remind you of anyone? Pele


The Venus of Willendorf I think was what the prehistoric bone/antler carved goddess was called (named after the town it was found near). URL has some nice description of it & it also shows the size of the carving in someone's hand -- http://witcombe.sbc.edu/willendorf/willendorfwoman.html

You've also got Mother Earth/Gaia.

Hathor from Egypt is one of the OLDEST Egytpian dieties, goes back to when they were just cattle herders one step up from forming villages (WAY before the civilization rose), she was often depicted in the oldest pictures as having cow's ears sticking out horizontally. None of the other Egyptian dieties go back that far.

A crone witch--Baba Yaga has a lot of northern European/Russian ties. You should represent a crone in some ways--the age past reproduction where wisdom & ability gel into something differently focused (for good, don't listen to the bad stuff about Baba Yaga).
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HudsonGray said:
The Venus of Willendorf I think was what the prehistoric bone/antler carved goddess was called (named after the town it was found near).

Oops! Just goes to show how bad I am with names...

*goes off to hide in shame in the corner*

Ooh, before I go, what about the archetypal fairy queen?


Venis de Milo was the Greek or Roman statue missing the arms, but it's a good representation of 'young maiden' done in historical times, so that could actually be used on a card.

Phoenix Spirit

thank you all for your suggestions! if you have any more ideas, please keep on posting! i have already put some of your ideas into production. don't worry, you'll get to see them when the line drawings are finished and again when their coloured in!

Keep the ideas rolling ;D