feral tarot - get a free reading ^_^

isthmus nekoi

Hey everyone! I just put up my majors deck and set up a page where you can get a daily card reading :)

[url removed]

(if you refresh the page, you'll get a different card - it's based on random javascript code)

I hope you like it and ENJOY!!

I'd also love to know how you find the deck.. as I'm sure you've
all experienced, some cards really gave me trouble!

[edit: the new page for the feral tarot can be found at http://www.odivinorum.com/feral.html]



My favorite is The Star!
Very nice work.

Major Tom

Isthmus - You dark horse! :D I had no idea you were creating a deck, and now you've fininshed. :)

I can definitely see why it is the Ferral Tarot. I like your use of animals in a photo collage to create your cards. I can't tell which ones gave you trouble.

The ones that struck me are the elephant as Heirophant, DNA as Adjustment, spider as Wheel and frog as Temperance.

Are the images a perfect square? What is your thinking regarding square cards?

Nice job, I suspect these will resonate for a number of people. :)


My favorite card is The Sun. The image is fantastic. :)


WOW !!!

Isthmus ~

This is a fascinating journey. I love the playtpus as Fool and the Moon card.

Every card calls out for contemplation, however. The Hermit is simply beautiful.


Laura Borealis

I really like this. The High Priestess is my favorite.

isthmus nekoi

Major Tom,

You know what is funny? Adjustment and Temperance were the ones that gave me much trouble!

Adjustment I found VERY tricky b/c Justice is a very non-instictual, non-feral concept. Consequences, morality etc are pretty abstract, mental things. Not that humans aren't animals, but other animals don't really concern themselves w/ethical decisions, cause and effect etc like we do. I'm sorry if I offend anyone but I find ideas of animal altruism anthropomorphic. So yeah, tricky.

Temperance, I wasn't confident w/the choice of frog... Strength also, was a toss up b/w turtle and snail....

And yup, the images are a perfect square. They can suck to shuffle w/but since I wasn't planning on publishing these they are a fine shape :) My first deck was square so maybe that's why I like it. Plus each card can have 4 positions instead of just 2, so you can get 4 varying degrees of expression on the same core meaning.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words.


Looked the cards over again.
I would use the Hermit card for a poster if I had it. A good conversation piece!

isthmus nekoi

ros, I could send you a higher res psd (photoshop) file if you'd like. Then you could print it if you have a high end printer. (But it wouldn't be very big. Roughly 9X9 inches.)


Beautiful. Aside from the purely enchanted sigh at the overall artwork, I have to say that your transitions from beast to human are really, really well done. Hours and hours of painstaking tweaking, or sheer genius?