Fey 4 of Pentacles


I am wondering about others view of this cool card. I find the image very graphic indeed. I recall the RWS image too, so completely engrossed in those pentacles. This one is chained to it, with the key to his freedom in view and accessible, yet he remains obsessed. As a recovering addicted person, I strongly identify with this condition! I can't count how many times I've been right where this fey is. As I said, the image is very powerful. I look forward to hearing others' views. Peace and blessings...........Michael


Simple, direct

This image is like poetry; it says what it says in the most simple, direct way. Yet, it says a lot. Like most of the Fey cards, unbelievable in its impact and meaning. Dave.


:laugh: When I look at the card, the Fey reminds me of a frog. Does he have only three fingers, or is the thumb hiding behind the three fingers showing?

Sure it can be obsessed, but I would say that it is more out of hesitancy, apprehension or even fear. Well, at any rate he is thinking. When you look at the card, not only is the key right in front of him, but what he is sitting on is a way that can get him moving.

I tend to think that him thinking, and not sharing with others, has rendered him immovable, because he doesn't know how to proceed. If he was talk to someone, ask someone, seek some help or advice, then he would be able to get a solution. By keeping to himself he is basically not able to move, although he has the means to do so.