fey-- 7 of Swords


When I see this card I think of two things:

1 She FEEL transparent, maybe because she's excluded frome her friends/community, she feel not considered. The indifference of her friends make her fade away.

2 She IS so transparent and subtle that she can go everywhere without being seen. I don't think she is a warrior: her clothes are not made for fighting. Maybe she is a spy.
It makes me think also about a song, an aria from the 'Barber of Seville' called 'la calunnia' (slender): slender is so subtle that can squeeze between people and people don't notice it until it has become too big to be stopped.

I found a translation of the aria


Private thoughts

For me, this Fey suggests a sense of privacy, one who does not reveal most or much of her intentions. Rather than "adapting" I see circumspection and a keen assessment of what to reveal, what to hide, what and when to divulge something, intelligence and making best use of skills to move forward with one's agenda.

Perhaps the "thief" meaning comes from the Waite-Smith card symbology where the card's figure is stealing away with an armful of swords -- others plans and wishes, other's ability to act with decisiveness. In the Fey Tarot, there is no emphasis on stealing or taking, just in using one's skills to that others have less options to compromise your own plans.

We might extend this cards meaning to say that not all of our own plans are yet clear or fully formed. As a "past" card this would suggest that we had not revealed our plans to others -- whatever the consequences were. As a "future" card this can suggest that we or others have plans that are not yet formed but which may be partly revealed or suspected. As a "present" card this points to being careful and not sharing too much with others. Just my take on this. Dave