fey-- daily draws


My Daily Draw 3/25

This is the 1st day I have done a daily draw with my new Fey tarot. I am having some trouble interpreting so am hoping for some feedback....

card 1: Theme of the Day


card 2: energy/influence:


card 3: energy/influence:


been getting this king ALOT, in response to a question about a new relationship, as well. He shows himself alot.


Daily Draw 3/26

Here are today's cards:

theme: Devil

energy/influence: Queen of Chalices

energy/influence: 6 of wands

anyone want to help me interpret it? And I hope to see more Fey daily draws from others.. :)


Re: How to proceed

RiccardoLS said:
Hello... I'm a bit new to the Study group idea :)
Anyway I think it would be better if we agree on a method before going on.

My suggestion would be that just one person (I would suggest Ravenswing) choose a new card every two or three days. (or more if there is still to say about).

During the time the card is "on" everyone who desire to partecipate will try to focus on teh card... we will comment each other and go on from that.
for instance it could be interesting to talk about: "connecting Cards", "mother and father" cards [the inverse of the book spread] and point of view (with which part of the card one best focalize).

I'm not a fanatic of structured work, but we may ned it in order to begin the study group, until we know each other :)


I like this idea too BUT can we have a separate thread for that? I still would like to have a place for people to post Fey daily draws and where we can talk about the cards we got. I hope we can do that as well as Riccardo's suggestion, only in a separate thread.


lunalafey said:
Thanks for the direction Rico....
Sunflowr...study group is more for looking at the cards individully. There is a 'your readings' section to go over redings and get feed-back. This thread title is a bit misleading, but I believe the intention was for raven's card (radomly choosen by a daily draw) to be the card up for discussion.
Shall we go back to the first two cards he has drawn and leave these open for discussion for the next week?...or so?
7 of Swords
Ace of Pentacles

Oh ok, I'll go there then for the dailys I pull.