Fey or faeries oracle?


I REALLY want both of these decks but can only afford one right now. Both have been calling to me and I just can't make a decision. I will eventually aqcuire both, but which should come first?

Which one would you recommend? Why?



.. If your goal is to really connect with, and work with Faeries, then go with the Faeries Oracle...

.. If your main goal is more to learn tarot - but with an enjoyable theme, like the Fey.. I'd go with that deck..

This may not have been any help, but I think the decision rests on what you are trying to gain / learn more..


The Fey have been screaming at me to get them, also.
But, don't I have enough Faery decks???

(counts them off...Faeries Oracle, Fairy Ring, Healing with the Fairies, the Fairy Pack...)

hmmmmm...maybe not! :)


decisions decisions...

The faery oracle have really been bugging me to get them, but I've never used an oracle deck. Once I saw pics of the fey tarot, I thought it would be a system that I already know and the cards appeal to me, so why not..

For those who have used both:
Is one harder to grasp than the other? I already feel a strong connection to the oracle but am worried I won't be able to catch on, is it comparable to tarot? I've read that alot of people have problems learning the fey, even with a tarot background - is this true, from your experience?

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I didn't know if I was in the right place.


.. I had trouble reading the Fey when I first got it. It was a beautiful deck, and I loved it.. but it didn't read like most tarots and it confused me, so I sold it.

... However, its been calling me back lately and I regret not giving it more time.. Most people seem to do well with it after a bit of study.. so I think I just didn't try hard enough!

The Faeries Oracle - well that deck has NO rules! It is very intuitive.. and every card can mean something different to each person... Its a very personal deck - and after awhile, you feel as if you know each Faerie individually. It is my favorite deck!!!!

If I were choosing, I'd go with the Faerie's Oracle first.. but like I said earlier.. if you are really trying to concentrate on learning Tarot before jumping into oracles.. that could change the decision.. :eek:)

You really can't go wrong with either - and since you plan to buy both eventually, I don't think you can make a mistake here :eek:)


Thanks so much for the replies. You've been a great help, I think I have made my decision...I'll let you know when I finally go through with it and make a purchase.

Thanks again.

Aura Wolf

I agree with what Dolphinprincess said. Depends on what you're looking for the most right now. I have both decks though and I must say, they're both quite wonderful :)