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Does anyone have any particular spread they use with the Fey deck??

I have a particular three-card spread I have been using daily. After I pull my study card, I re-shuffle the whole deck, fan out and pick out three cards. The first draw is the atmosphere for the day. I place the second card to the left and slightly lower than the first-- this is my challenge/opportunity for the day. I place the thrid card as the second, but to the right-- this is my strength/quality accented.

Today I had a rather strange result....

As I was shuffling, the Wheel popped out. I placed it down, instinct told me to still draw three, and to place the first card atop the Wheel. I drew my three. The first was the 10 of chalise. The second was the Queen of Chalise. The third was the Knight of Chalise.

So what was so strange?

The cards ran, left to right, Queen, 10 and Knight of Chalise. I interpreted the Wheel as a progress made. Still doesn't seem strange...

Well, when I did a new deck reading, I got:

Queen of Chalise, 10 of Chalise, 6 of Chalise with first advise being the Knight of Chalise....

Now does it seem a bit weird??

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Just wanted to bump this thread up because, since getting this deck, I am going to be actively in this study group! :) I have an idea for a 3 card daily spread that I may have gotten from this forum somewhere but I dont remember. LOL! Anyway, the 1st card is the theme of the day. And then cards 2 and 3 go on either side of the 1st one. Cards 2 and 3 are the influences of the day.



I was doing a three card draw...P..P..F..for about a week, then my days got a bit hectic(need to get back to it)...But what I found was a prophetic display. On one of the days the 1st cards mde me think of a friend, Ray. The 2nd card(present) was the Sun. I thought, Ray (sun-ray) won't be here until tommorrow. That night at work, guess who walks through the door....RAY.
The 7 of Pent. also played a part in the fortune telling. Awaiting my nice sized tax return, should be here soon....hoping it would be in the mail. I get a letter from Uncle Sam, I made a mistake on my tax return, the IRS corrected it. It was in my favor!!!


Oedipal Spread

1) Who am I?
2) Where am I ?
3) Where am I going?
4) What do I seek?
5) What might I find?




Great spread there. I might even call it The Fool's Leap.....

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I attempted the DREAM-JOY-MAGIC spread again. The first time I tried the spread, I was a blank, and nothing related or connected. The spread hindered me. So here is my second attempt with comparatively much more expressive and connected reading. The cards integrated well in their positions as well as with the question.
Since I wanted to understand it and work with it better, I tried something new. I took the question, and gave answers to the Dream, Joy & Magic; before drawing the cards.
Q: “How will the {selling} season be?” let me explain; I have a small cottage industry type business, in the past few years I have given less and less attention to the business. This is not due to lack of motivation, but the more important job & paycheck. There have been other issues that have slowed me down. I need to get things going. Circumstances have changed for the better, but there are still some very hindering walls. Regardless, I’m content in working with the options I do have, too much too fast could overwhelm me. My main concern; economics. Will people be traveling and spending money? I live in a good touristy area, but with the cost of gas??? I may not do so well.
“So how will the season be?”
before drawing cards
~ my answer to:
DREAMS- free from the schedule & going to festivals (next to impossible due to the job) Closer to home spots, stick with my selling spot at the grove. Getting to the level where I don’t need the ‘9to5’, being self-supportive through the business, then the festivals! Where the big $ are {so I can buy my land}
JOY- the security of home, my goal of a homestead where I will find my joy.
MAGIC- watching for synchronicities, putting ‘it’ out to the Universe, being in the right place at the right time (fate has been good to me in the past), having faith, keeping to the studies; astrology & tarot, maybe incorporate into the business some how.
~ and the cards are: (get this!)

DREAMS> all the energies that are the limit of what we are capable of perceiving, what could happen. Possibilities & opportunities, ability to withdraw from the real, oppressive, and limited world for a moment and learn wisdom & understanding on this journey.
>VII Chariot

JOY>reasons for being joyful & happy. Remove all other influences & concentrate on the present moment of happiness. The reason for joy emerges from obscurity, drowning the heart in tears of joy
>5 Pentacles

MAGIC>the world of Fey, which we need to come into contact with in order to use this deck properly. Who are the Fey? 'being’ opposed to ‘having’- now opposed to then. What can & what will be if one believes strongly enough, the possibility of what might happen.
>IX Hermit

I get the Chariot when it is the travel I yearn for, though I know that it wont happen this year. The aspect of being triumphant, I really like. In the fey book it mentions ownership, the work is all done in the name of a homestead. My truck is my chariot and the most valuable tool for the biz. It was once a dream and recently the loan was paid off (early). My usual selling spot, which is my only opportunity at the moment, is above the river, just as in the card, the Fey are above the river.
5 of Pent is not a joyful card in words. I’m not using reversals with this deck so any negative influence must come out upright. Life HAS been in a poor state in reference to economics. I missed out on a lot by not being able to attend festivals, making reaching my goal slow going. The cards image tells a different story. One of comfort and friends, but there is that dark figure outside. Is that the cloud that keeps hanging around me that is keeping me from my joy?
Now the Hermit, ARG…just when I thought I could get through this spread without a hitch…..‘the possibility of what might happen’ and how does that differ in the Dreams, ‘what could happen? I see so many different directions I could take the Hermit. From; when I get my land, I won’t ever leave it except for when I want to; to, hide myself in a closet with the Fey deck & a flashlight. The Hermit appears appropriately in the Magic position. To be focused is indeed something to do no matter what. In regards to the biz, is the secret to stay close to home? Or put things on hold?
The part I find the hardest to grasp is how it pertains to working with the Fey. As I said, lock my self in a closet? I will be listening closely to the Fey for sure.

Has anyone done this spread yet? What is your take and how did you interpret the positions?


This spread befuddles me!!

I've had a few attempst at this spread, and I'm having hard time making sense of it. I think a large part is me not understanding what each position should mean. the first time I tried it it just made no sense, the second time a little more sense. The second time I got (asking no particular question- "just tell me about my dream, joy, magic")
Dream: Lovers
Joy: Temperance
Magic: Emperor
Dream I can understand- I want to feel whole, living a very authentic, heart centred life.
Joy, Hmm, not too sure
Magic:forget it- Emperor is about the least magic card I could see, and I've got it twice in this position, so it's obviously important.
I'm still confused, I guess about what each position means.


Hi Butterfly, well, I can't resist, because I love these cards so much. First of all, HUMPH, The Emperor is MY card, and I am quite magic, thank you. :D
Dream: Lovers
Joy: Temperance
Magic: Emperor
You dream of perfection; past, present and future loves. You dream of that 'too too solid flesh' touching, and melting and seeing its hearts desire. You scarcely dare to dream your own dreams they seem so fragile and yet so intense to you.
Your Joy comes from mixing water and air, earth and fire. You need to feel and mix the elements of your spirit and forge something so new it will leave you breathless. You need to know you can do the impossible, and you do that by accomplishing it it inwardly first, then, knowing, make it real in the world.
Magic: this is the part where dreams come true, become solid, and have actually living substance. Actualizing the breath of Kether. Making what was a dream, the germ of an idea into something and real that you can feel and live.
And you say the Emperor isn't magic. tsk.


3 Levels of Self

Every once in a while I like to do a reading where I look at the "three levels of self". The layout is three cards in a column with the first card on the bottom, the second in the middle and the third on top.

The bottom card is the shadow self, all that I'm repressing or stewing on or what my base/primal/instinctive self is dealing with.

The second card is the self self (I love saying self self). This is what I am aware of doing. This is what I think I'm working on or what my plans are based around. This is the card that shouldn't surprise me in the reading.

The third card is my higher slef. This is what I am really heading towards whether I know it or not, and it's usually the big life lesson or shift that is supposed to be taking place. It's what new age folks are talking about when they say "follow your higher self".

Todays reading. i was a little surprised tah all three cards were majors, just one of those things.

1. Death
2. The Chariot
3. The Wheel (seems like this card had popped up a lot for others working with this deck).

My interpretation: Death. I am allowing myself to brood on the collapse of things in my life and I am being very afraid that some of the losses are vital. I have been trying to breathe life back into the situation for several weeks now and still getting a flat line. This card is in the shadow because I'm not allowing myself to express this I'm ptting it in a neat little box until I can fix everything. I am not looking death in her eyes I'm making her wait.

The chariot (incidentally (sp) I am a 7 in numerology so this IS my self card). I see myself striving to tame things and forge ahead at any cost and fight the good fight. I see myself as being capable and assured of victory (and competely oblivious to the hard time the lil driver is havig with the "horses"). I am bigger, stronger, and faster than the situation. If I go down I will go down, indelicately and in a blaze of glory.

The Wheel. This particular situation is about trying to begin a new cycle, smaller circumstances are coming together to move me into something new and bigger and riskier (riskier?) more risky, yes that's better. This isn't about victory or failure it's about evolving. I'm trying to patch the small circumstances (death) in order to preserve the greater change/good/hope but taht probably isn't even necessary. I suffer because it's in the script and teh new cycle has to begin on its own, it doesn't want to overlap.

It's a fun reading and good to see what's below the surface and way up there.


very nice spread!!! I will have to add it to my 'list'
Q: are one of those "the grass is always greener" types?