Fey study of set #2 -the numbers


Cards in set #2

II the Seer
XI Justice
XX Judgement
all Duces from the suits; Pentacles, Chalices, Swords & Wands.

Again I am using numerical descriptions from 'Complete Book of Numbers' by S.S. Pither:

Number 2- The Force to differentiate all things infinitley.
types of experiences associated with this force:
being a follower, sensitivity & attentiveness to others, deep of feeling, helpfulness, deference to others, gentlness, modesty, willingness to listen & cooperate, diplomacy, having a sense of timing, skillfulness in relationships.
Alternatively: indecisiveness, emotional confussion, inability to act, helpfulness, apathy, passivity, vulnerability, lacking a sense of self, instability, being easily hurt, timidity & fearfullness.

What of these attributes do you see reflected in the cards of this set?


Strange Keywords for me

Well, my roots in Astrology are showing -- I have a hard time relating to many of these key words relative to the number two. I've noted before that I see differences between numerology and astrology in terms of how they relate to tarot. So, here is my view on these words.

** Differentiate all things infinitley -- Justice, Judgement, 2/P.
** Experiences associated with this force -- Justice, Judgement, 2/C, 2/S.
** Being a follower: none of the seven cards.
** Sensitivity: Justice, Judgement, 2/C, 2/P.
** Attentiveness to others: Seer, Justice, all of the two's.
** Deep of feeling: Justice, Judgement, 2/C, 2/W, 2/P.
** Helpfulness: Justice, 2/C.
** Deference to others: 2/C.
** Gentlness: Seer, Judgement, 2/C, 2/P.
** Modesty: Seer.
** Willingness to listen & cooperate: Justice, 2/C.
** Diplomacy: Justice.
** Having a sense of timing: Justice, 2/W, 2/S.
** Skillfulness in relationships: Judgement, 2/C, 2/P.

9 Attributes: Two of Cups.
8 Attributes: Justice.
6 Attributes: Judgement and Two of Pentacles.
3 Attributes: Seer, Two of Wands, Two of Swords.

None of these cards are "followers", one card appears to show "deference" and one card shows "cooperation". There are 38 card-linkages that I have associated with 12 attributes or an average 32%.

Again, astrologically speaking, two is associated with the opposition cycle and can suggest: tension, appreciation of others, relationship awareness, partnering, confrontation, perspective. If we look at these words we see:
** Tension: Judgement, 2/W, 2/S.
** Appreciation of Others: Justice, Judgement, 2/C, 2/S, 2/P.
** Relationship Awareness: Seer, Justice, Judgement, all two's.
** Partnering: Judgement, 2/C, 2/P.
** Confrontation: 2/W, 2/S.
** Perspective: Seer, Justice, Judgement, 2/C, 2/S, 2/P.

There is an average of four cards for each of these six attributes, or an average of 67% applicability. It seems to me that the cards have attributes more in tune with astrological cycle/number/aspect meanings than with numerlogical meanings. Now, that ought to elicit a response. Dave.


More on the TWOs

I'm going to restate some information taken from a classic in the Numerology field, "Numerology and The Divine Triangle" by Faith Javaine and Dusty Bunker. My copy was printed in 1979 and the book is currently available in bookstores.

TWO is associated with the High Priestess (Seer) and I quote, in part: "The HP is the connecting link to the subconscious through which we must pass in order to use our conscious potential, thus calling into play the powers of the Magician, the conscious mind." A question -- Does this mean that we must assimilate the HP's lessons before we can play the role of the Magician?

ELEVEN (TWO) -- the authors state that the key lesson here is "to weigh the meaning of present conditions and achieve balance by overcoming the errors of the past." A question -- does anyone feel comfortable with this numerology statement relative to "11" and Justice? It doesn't fit with the Fey's concept. How does that help or hinder you from matching numerology to the tarot?

TWENTY (TWO) The authors offer the keyword "realization" for this card (Judgement). "You are called to hear the truth." They also link this card to making decisions, seeing deeper than the surface, exercising control over emotions. I find it hard to blend all of this with the Fey Judgement card. Any comments?

TWENTY EIGHT/ONE are numbers that the authors link with the Two of Wands. Contradictions, eompetition, surprise, unusual events are associated with these numbers.

FORTY TWO/SIX are the numbers for the Two of Cups. Contracts, marriage, meditation. are given as words that fit these numbers.

FIFTY SIX/ELEVEN are nubers given for the Two of Swords. Balance, decisions, cooperation.

SEVENTY/SEVEN are the numbers for the Two of Pentacles, and the words Partnership, Travel and Business are noted.

After having probed Numerology off and on for a long time, I'm not so sure that "Numerology" has a main path; there seems to be significant variations between various schools and especially in the process of relating Numerology to Tarot and Astrology. This book devotes a lot of space and effort to numbers and tarot, as well as linking in the traditional astrological stuff. I though I'd offer this for those that may be interested.

I'll be absent from the list until the first of September -- a week and a half away -- unless we get an extended period of rain at the sea shore. See you all then. Dave.


Re: Strange Keywords for me

dadsnook2000 said:
Now, that ought to elicit a response.

got me thinking!!

I have not studied numbers much- that's why I reference a book. I have not seen numbers and astrology together as you have explained-

my study of this set & numbers is on the to do list


The book . . .

The book that I referenced assigns numbers to each of the tarot cards -- the minors included. Notice that the given numbers may or may not combine into "two." For example, TWENTY EIGHT/ONE (Two of Wands) does combine down to "two" but the Two of Cups number FORTY TWO/SIX does not.

All that this means is that there are various schools of Numerology, as there are for Astrology and Tarot, and that any one version may or may not integrate well with any other version when you cross between Numbers, Tarot and Astrology.

For the purpose of this thread, grouping the cards as is being done is appropriate for our studies -- we just don't have to meet some unspoken criteria or school of thought, as it is the process of consideration and examination that is important.

I'll be packing up for vacation in the next few minutes and may not post for awhile. Dave.