Fey study set #3 -numbers


Cards in set #3

III the Empress
XII Hanged Man
XXI the World
all Threes from the suits; Pentacles, Chalices, Swords & Wands.

My source of most things numerlogical is Numerology and the Divine Triangle, written by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.

Number THREE; combining the essence of 1 and 2, the 3 brings manifestation and self-expression. After self and coupleness, the three brings communication, social interaction and the joy of life. Creativity, exhuberance and imagination -- all of these bring the three into fullness of life.

Our study of this set of "3" cards will look for these and similar qualities and the manner in which each of these seven cards finds its own unique expression of common qualities.

PS; we will also run a parallel thread that compares the Fey and Waite-Smith tarots in terms of their symbology and meanings that they both share and differ on. That thread will start shortly.

And another PS, yet; we can have a fall contest just as we had a spring contest. We all need to think and suggest ideas of how to structure the next contest. A thread on that topic will also be started soon.

Meanwhile, lets leave our summer doldrums and jump into Fall (at least its Fall in this hemisphere). For those down under the equator, consider this a spring celebration. Dave.


Threes of the minor arcana

Exhuberance, spontaneous play, living and playing in the moment -- these are the first things that come to mind when I view this card. These Fey seem "less physical" and more "spirit" or "energy" than some of the other Fey. This makes we wonder about the nature of Fey in general. They seem to span a space that intrudes into physical reality but might be mainly just outside of our world. In this card, these Fey seem really way out, yet their playing is something we can understand.

As befits the suite, this Fey is very physical. Indeed, he is creating something physical. Both a curious lizzard and an interested bystander watch his efforts. The Fey has a great intensity in his expression -- in this sense his total involvement and focus is like the Fey in the Three of Cups who are totally involved in their play and creativeness.

So, we have "play" in the Cups, "creativeness" in the Pentacles.

This Fey is also focused, comptemplating the strange plant before his/her gaze. In fact, the plant has more "movement" than does the Fey -- it is emerging from a seed and is full of glowing energy. The shovel suggests that the Fey has been active, but is now just observing. So, now we have "patience" and "emerging results."

This card has alway impressed me as strange. Standing in water, this Fey observes his very "up close and personal sword." Not a real sword that can be held but a very real sword in any case. He bears the mark of the sword -- perhaps a continuing lesson of what the sword implies; danger, hurt, threat, security? We have to consider the role of the sea or "universal water" relative to the sword.

This is a strange sword card. Up to now, the Threes have shown us play, creativeness, emerging results -- and now, a universal awarenes of hurt and living with hurt. This is a stretch! Creating and growing and playing are spontaneous forms of bringing new energy into being -- the result of one and two brings us to three; new relationships and all that implies. I think we have to consider here the ability to suffer the growth and seperativeness that something "new" brings to us who created it. This is a great subject to explore on this thread. It expands the whole consideration of what "three" is.

In another thread I'll post my thoughts on the threes of the major arcana -- the Empress, Hanged Man and World. Dave.


More thoughts . . .

My review of the Fey Threes, the suite cards, continues to bring more thoughts. I'm trying to see a "whole" or linked story among the four cards relative to the possible Numerological meanings of THREE.

It goes like this: 3/Cups brings the spiritual idea of THREE to a water or passion situation (note the "wild" setting). The 3/Wands brings a new and wonderous life into being. Then the 3/Pentacles shapes that creation giving it a fuller (circular) form. Finally, the 3/Swords shows the pain (separation) of letting go that which you have created and helped to grow.

Now, the two questions are: 1) is this a valid scenario that helps us to interpret the cards within a reading, and 2) does this view also work with Set #1 and Set #2 that we have already done?



The other Threes.

The Empress, Hanged Man and World

The Empress herself is almost larger than her environment. She holds a baby unicorn (growth and magic in nurturing), is sitting within a constructed environment (the castle, a setting of her own choosing and creation) which includes trees, hills and lakes within the castle towers (an inside-out connotation? -- or does it suggest that she is surrounded purposly with a total supportive world?). This "three" card is both consistent with core tarot symbology (although portrayed differently) and with numerological meanings for "three".

Here this Fey is actively (rather than passively hanging, perhaps being mentally engaged) and physically struggeling to explore another world. He has discovered something and is trying to retrieve it (bring it back to his world). The creatures of that world are curious about him, he is aware of them also but his eyes and cheeks suggest he has limited resources (breath, time) to be concerned with them.

We can't tell if he will succeed in bringing back his find (a portrayal of creature of this other world leaping above the waves to view his world). Who is the hanged man here? The struggle is perhaps the issue that should be focused on here. Make an effort, find out about yourself, don't give up, without curiousity there can be no insight and knowledge.

The theme of "a world of some sort" is continued here. The snail carries a whole world upon his shell. The shell, as everyone probably knows, physically expresses complex mathematical relationships and geometry that can reflect the laws of the universe. The snail can symbolize the "lowest" creature among us. Yet, the world's well being, movement (and development) is riding upon all of this. In other words, we all have our part to play and our world (achievement) depends upon our travels and progress as well.

This "world" shows hills, roads, houses, towns, trees and a tower with a dragon on top -- a supportive environment with challenges for us to take on. There has to be struggle in our progress.

These three cards can be seen, IMHO, as a personal statement of instruction. All three cards have a world -- one personal, one visited, and one universal. We have to build our own here and now, we have to look for more than what we think is just in our own world (self) and look deeper, and we have to progress to make the universe a fuller world. The four minor cards seem to have clearly painted distinct challenges and actions that fit well with these three larger concepts.

So, I'll be quiet for awhile on this thread and wait to see what others post. Dave.



Number THREE; combining the essence of 1 and 2, the 3 brings manifestation and self-expression. After self and coupleness, the three brings communication, social interaction and the joy of life. Creativity, exhuberance and imagination -- all of these bring the three into fullness of life.

CUPS- The three fey stand out in this card. A chalice made of stone also dominated the card. The Fey do a merry dance together, around the chalice in total bliss. There movements are an expression of thier celebration of being. Loving life in the heare and now.
These fey are different than the more human-like fey. They are airy as if still developing. Perhaps these fey have just been created and have emerged from the chalice. Out of all 7 cards, I'd say that this one makes the most of the #3 associations mentioned above.

PENTACLES- There are three figures in this card as well. An oversee'r the craftsman and his familiar. And like Cups, a single large medallion is basically the only other item within the image. The crafty fey works intensly to create this medallion, probably for the watching fey behind him. The design coming from the imagination of one fey or the other. The vision created by one fey and then describing them to the craftsfey to make into a reality. The salimander sets himself upon his masters shoulder and watches, offereing silent support & companionship.

WANDS- The three in this card is not of fey beings but of a fey plant. Three bulb glow from thin stems rooted in a star-seed. The Fey sits and admires this growth, for it was the fey's work that brought it to it's present state. I wonder how long ago the fey planted the seed, for the shovel sits off to the side as if just used- if so then this fey plant has some really vigorous growing powers. Either that, or the fey has been sitting there a long time.

SWORDS- This is the only card that one needs to be creative to choose the '3'. I pick, the body of water, the fey and the sword he wears upon his chest.
What is also different in this card is the element of isolation. This fey has no-one to commune with- ah! but himself. He looks at the sword emersed in thought just as he is emersed in the water. It's like a rites of passage. The fey now begins a new phase of life.


I've never studied any deck quite like this but found it very interesting that it was actually the Minors that evoked the emotion/feelings of the 3's.

Three of Cups - joy and happiness
Three of Pents - hard work and perserverance
Three of wands - patience and faith
Three of Swords - sadness and disappointment

Then I looked at the Majors, The Empress, Hanged Man and World.

The Empress - having qualities of both the Magician and the Seer -she is well-balanced - she watches over her kingdom and is there for us through our joy and sadness - perhaps she is the one that lends us the love and faith we need to get through the Minor 3's -the difficult timees in our life.

The Hanged Man - still balanced - still knowing who and what she stands for - pushing us to the depths of our soul - pushing us to be better people - because in the end it is the Empress who urges us on in our journey - urging us to keep our minds and hearts open so we can welcome change (death 13)

The World - The Empress in all her glory again, she is in charge of her on world, her love and nurturance, her steadfastness and loyalty - she is the one that instills our faith as we travel along our journey. The view of this card even looks like how the Empress preceives the World as she peers off the top of the Kingdom in Trump III.


A Fey concept

Luna has said this a number of times in one way or another: the Fey intersect the physical and spirit world boundry. Some of the Fey are more/all physical, others are more/all spirit. They may be in the process of changing from one to the other when we see them in their individual cards or they may be an entity group that is comprised of both manifestations in varying degrees.

As such they represent a model for us mortals. Can we either act or envision a more porous boundry between the physical world we live within and the spirit world we intuitively know or believe is out there? Can we become more "trans-world" in our actions and thoughts if not in our bodies? Will we individually follow the Fey in that we think "outside of the box" (literally) and adjust our world view?

I think that this is the power and attraction of the Fey tarot. It calls us to be more, it shows us more. It indeed is a tarot for today and the near future. Dave


3 Major Fey

These three cards play a big part in my being supposedly.
The Empress is my soul/personality card and then the Hanged Man and the World are the shadow/hidden factor cards.

I really like the Empress in this deck, and there are things about her that I connect with, or rather connects to me.
She holds a fuzzy critter who is content in the Empress' arms.
There is an interaction between to very different types of beings.
Thier 'language' is different yet there is communication. The Empress speaks love and protection while the critter speaks appriciation and comfort. The two different beings create a third 'language' that is shared between them.

Hanged Man- Three fish investigat this fey who is out of his element. The Fey has entered thier underwater world for what reason? The Fey and the Fish look at each other. Then there is the statue. Something that represents this underwater world- but was not something that originated there. One could say that it is this fine shaped stone that brings the fey and the fish together. It was made by fey to express to the fish of fey awareness of the fish....???

The World- Another card I really like.
The World in itself resonates creation. The image reflects a community of varied kinds of beings venturing as a single unit across space. The Snail carries their world, and the Dragon plays lookout. It is the adventure and the life that they enjoy, making the most of what they are capable of doing.


The Empress

A lovely fey is sit on her kingdom, probably in some garden, in the middle of a castle among towers. She holds and pats warmly a baby animal with a horn. She looks away in farther distance. The color of the sky tells me this could be a sunrise. Just like the day and the baby animal with the horn, the Empress may be a newborn as well, finally enjoying the world in a body.

The Hanged Man

After spending so much time in activities in the outside world, the Hanged Man takes a break and becomes passive. By doing this, he goes inward and he discovers a world within him, his world. The vision is breathtaking and he makes his best to keep the position to keep the vision going.

The World

I think the snail is moving slowly around the sun, the sun and the moon are in the back, stars are there as well, and we get a glimpse on the universe, stuff we don't see on the Empress card. The World is what we acknowledge of ourselves and the world around us once we reach that level of consciousness. In that card, we see further than our immediate enviroment, we see the world (planet) itself, moon, sun, stars, and we might understand better how this world works and what are the laws of this place. We see that there is more than ourself and our ego.

I'd say here that the Empress sees her immediate enviroment and works on it (with the next cards of the majors), the Hanged Man sees his inner world and works on it (with the next cards of the majors) and in the World, the vision is more complete than ever by including the universe.

Three of Swords

This is a cloudy and windy day, grey and a bit dark. The glimpse of colors in the back brings some hope for being sunrise or sunset. The fey is in the water, but not entirely and he looks sadly at a tatoo in the form of a sword on his chest. His pain is so strong that it has become part of him. Another fey bears a sword as a tatoo and it is the Queen of Swords, her pain too has become so strong it has become part of her. The water implies emotions, bad emotions, but he's not entirely in the water anymore, meaning he detached himself from his feelings and he is analysing his pain, giving it form, and ultimatly made it appear into the form of a sword on his chest, and becoming one with it.

Three of Cups

A cup is on the grass and three feys come playing with the cup. They are born from the Two of Cups, who gave birth to these feys. These feys are newborn and explore their world and play. I'd say these fey are water fey, water being the element of the Cups, they are immaterial, light. They find pleasure in everything, they find beauty in everything.

Three of Wands

A fey is sit in what looks like some sort of desert. It's dark as well. She has planted a plant not too long ago it seems and she sat there, waiting for her hard work to come to her, and it has. The plant was born recently, still fragile, but showing strength and glowing with enthousiasm, and the fey is happy about it.

Three of Pentacles

A fey is sitting on a table, holding tools and a round object in wood, and concentrated, works on it, give birth to it. A salamander is on his shoulder watching him, as well as another fey, his master maybe, ensuring he's not making mistakes, or maybe the client, waiting for him to finish his work.

On each card, there is a birth, a creation.


To put some life in a 4 year old thread...

Just a random observation, and only on the 3 of cups.

The first thing that struck me was the color of the 3 fey....they seem fiery to me. I know they have been mentioned as astral or immaterial, but I see them as fiery/hot. First thing I thought was "I hope they won't hit the water with thaeir wild play, or it may fizzle'.

Not sure what to do with it or how to apply it. Too much partying can wear you down? Drowning in emotions can turn your lights off?

Or are they actually hoping to calm down? Are they looking for the emotional water to sooth their fiery being?


Or not?

I love this deck :eek:)...the 3 of cups is a card that gives you little to work with, but there must be a story that goes with it, more than the Rider-Waite 'party or family celebration'. I was hoping Tarot Wisdom would give me a new spin on that card but..I was disappointed.
I'm sure the Fey will do a better job at telling me!