Ffaff the Ffooter


Hah! Guess who I drew today?

Well, I have to admit that I have certainly not been taking the time to remain earthed, grounded and centered. I have just been meandering from one day to the next, one activity to the next without much thought.

I guess I needed this little smack upside the head. ;) LOL!



I got Ffaff the Ffooter one day, and started to think about grounding, and earthing. As the book says- I painted my toenails bright red to remind me.
What was truly funny was that I had thought about going out and buying new shoes for my daughter and I that day. It only clicked a little while later and I went shoe shopping. It's really lucky I did because if I had gone even a day later I wouldn't have been able to get our shoes for when we needed them. LOL
It was a good reminder that sometimes the cards mean exactly what they say- nothing deeper! LOL
Now I try to take action on a deeper level with each card, but also reinforce it at a material level- like playing pipe music for the piper, taking care of my feet with the FFooter etc.


LOL, Butterfly! Good story about the shoes. My feet have gotten kind of dry and calloused. So I've just been pampering them with creams these past two days. :D But I haven't painted my toenails yet. Maybe I should. :confused:



Ffaff's a kick boxer in his spare time - thats why he packs such a wallop.

I guess he has to at times - I got him ( twice) when I'd been feeling spaced out for days - thought it was eyestrain. And he was quite right - lack of grounding. Had to go and dig the garden to come back down to earth.

Now I make sure that I really centre myself before I do any readings and balance them out with some physical stuff.

Don't you love how the faerie messages are so straight to the point.


Jimilyn said:
LOL, Butterfly! Good story about the shoes. My feet have gotten kind of dry and calloused. So I've just been pampering them with creams these past two days. :D But I haven't painted my toenails yet. Maybe I should. :confused:


Perhaps he was telling you that you a pedicure is in order ;) ... I think that card is so precious *LOL* ... it was hard weeding him out of the "favorites" pile.


I've been getting him in my readings a lot lately.
Makes perfect sense, of course; they always do!
It looks like I need some earthing or grounding, or both.
I've started with painting my toenails...
Any further thoughts about this will be gratefully appreciated.


Hi Tauni

You know I can't resist talking about the fearies!
Besides meditation the Ffaff the Ffooter tells me that these are some very grounding things you can do. Get a foot massage (this is heaven.) Go bare foot for a whole day. Buy a pair of fluffy slippers ( possibly pink.) Next time you're at the grocery store get a helium balloon. If it has a fairy on it that would be very, very good. Chew some bubble gum and practice blowing bubbles. Balloons and bubbles remind us that we are very grounded beings. Buy a package of new, soft, white socks, and throw all the holey ones away. And if all else fails go shoe shopping!


other thoughts

another thought/s are that of perhaps you are grounding too much. I've found that Flaff will come up sometimes to remind us that it is good to concentrate on where we are stepping, and on what foundations we are stepping or building, but he's also there to remind us that it is nice to kick up your feet, relax, and just hang out.

I'm all for a nice pedicure, but at the same time, pedicure, foot massage, or any of the other luxuries we can expend on ourselves, it is for relaxing, taking a break, and enjoying a luxury. He's also a symbolism of enjoying the fruititions of what you have built, to not forget to enjoy dancing, moving, excercising. We dance, excercise, and plant gardens because it is lovely to do so. We are motivated by our spirit to dance when we hear a good song, or to move when hearing an intense drum beat, stomp our feet when we are angry. He's about physical expression of the spirit using your feet, and legs. Without spirit, there would be no true motivation to move, express yourself, or feel good, there would be no understanding of what there is to enjoy about a foot massage unless we know what it is to use them to make them sore.

He's also a messenger of the spirit of earth, building foundations, mother earth, peace maker and yet the very essence of the cycle of life. In order to precieve that of which we need to do in our lives to produce our foundations, we must know where our spirit would like to ground. Perhaps your confused about where you should buy a house, or if you should go on that camping trip. He is here to tell you to connect with earth, ground yourself, move, dance, feel the beat of the spirit of the earth and her spirit, mix it with your own. Once you do this, he will along side of you dancing, and in the seat next to you getting that pedicure done when your feet become sore.

One thing to keep in mind, when earth grows it's gardens, it needs time, nurturing from the water and the sun, it's a symbolism of harmony amongst the elements and the spirit of nature, or of what is natural. An oak tree isn't grown in a day, a year, or even 10 years, an old oak has been there for 100 or more years. A young oak can live out your great grand children's lives before it will fall. This speaks of roots, of not only focusing on what is above, but what is below. AGain, balance. Look to Flaff as a messenger to go, dance, express yourself physically, and then slow down, take time to think on what you want to do next, how you want to do it, and he will surely help you root your goals into good soil, in order to manifest your gardens of prosperity. Flaff's message for me is often that of "without the spirit of earth, there is no life, and yet, without life there couldn't be nature, we are one in the same. Come, balance me into your life, and I shall show you the soil needed for your life to come into full fruitition. You should need good soil to grow your roots."

All here is sacred inside the faery ring...I hope this helped.


Shadow Wolf

I love Ffaff the Ffooter

It's because of him that I had to go out and buy two new pairs of shoes for work. He said my ffootwear choices were appalling, and not at all suitable for continuing my journey. He also requested that I buy at least 1 red pair. ( I teach reading at a local Junior high, this year on the 3rd floor, that's alot of stairs !!)

Well off the two us went shoe shopping tonight and after an hour and a half in the "Easy Spirit" Store in the mall, I came home with
1 pair of very pretty flats. Color -- Red of course.
and 1 pair of blue casual shoes -- the name of these shoes ???

Both pairs are lace up, hug my feet and are very comfortable.........
Ffaff and I both came home with happy feet !!!

I could not believe it when I read the name on the box of the blue shoes.........................................

I'm sooooooooooo glad to have fairies living with me. They are only here 2 days and they are already changing my life for the better !!!!!

Ruby Red Slippers

Ffaff the Ffooter

When this guy come up, he means that someone, me or another aound me is not "grounded" with both feet on the ground!

It is tough to go through life with both of your feet up in the air!

He says to me, get rid of the "stuff" growing in between the toes. He can pick up your feet to look, hence "both feet off the ground".

Whatever is in your life that is not giving you "solid footing", needs to be removed, or he'll just keeping playing with you!

Just my opinion.....