I received the Druidcraft Tarot yesterday as a gift. nice gift I agree but I don't know a thing about druidry and the giver knows nothing about tarot, After studying the Lady on the front of the box, I finally opened it and took out the book. I haven't opened the deck yet. I'm trying to explain just how new I am to this deck, so that you won't think the next question is so stupid...

How do you say the word...Fferyllt?

thank you for your help Hh


This site should be able to help you a bit. I have a Welsh password in one place and I still can't be sure that I say it right. :p But I use other languages periodically in passwords to make them harder to guess...so all it matters is that I type it write.

From this site, I would say: http://www.britannia.com/celtic/wales/language.html

Ff= "f"
e = "eh" as in "echo" or "bet"
r = "r"
y = "the final sound in happy or the vowel sound in myrrh Welsh words: Y (uh); Yr (ur); yn (un); fry (vree); byd (beed)"
ll = "s an aspirated L. That means you form your lips and tongue to pronounce L, but then you blow air gently around the sides of the tongue instead of saying anything. Got it? The nearest you can get to this sound in English is to pronounce it as an l with a th in front of it. Welsh words: llan (thlan); llawr (thlour); llwyd (thlooid)"
t = "t"


Lady Mary

I bought the Druidcraft deck last summer - even though I knew next to nothing about Druidry. But I think the artwork is really lovely and the images are very impressive. It's a great deck for intuitive readings. So don't be afraid if you don't know much about Druidry. Just work with the images in the beginning. There's some information about druidry in the book that comes with the cards. You can start with that to get to know some of the myths and stories the cards are about. I felt very comfortable with this deck from the very beginning. Good luck with the Druidcraft!


sorry Sulis, wrong place, again...

Thank you so much, Lady Mary, for the encouragement. The artwork is what made me open the box for more! and the book has explained much lore the deck is based on. Druidcraft-tarot.org mentioned in the book is helping, too.

and Thank you Miren, for writing out the pronounciation. I was surprised and comforted by the fact no one else could say it either! Hh


I've often wondered

since I first saw this card,

and I thought it would be pronounced:


or fairill

or Ferol!

I hope so. I would love that.

When I was a little girl I told people my name was Welsh, and I have no idea where I got that idea. My folks always said we were Scots-Irish-English. I thought, well, YOU may be, but I am Welsh.


Whenever I see the Fferyllt card I smile and think that She is right there... mixing the magic potion that makes all of us love this deck so much and opens our senses to its wisdom and ways........

From the cauldron of Wyrd we all have a drink.
and thereby we form with Magic a link.
And smacking our lips we all smile ..and know
we'll be never the same, we unfold and we grow......


Mi Shell..are you the minstrel, singing your poetry out side the hut of the Fferyllt? You write pictureque poetry!

I see her measuring at eye level. I've done this baking. Trying to get the amount right on the line. Mostly when it needs just a teeny bit. This says to me, it doesn't take much to start the synthesis. Also, a catalyst creates red hot energy that must be 'tempered' with something.

I saw and read about the use of the hag-stones. I have some I think I'll make into a mandela.

I also think this card can be one of health and healing. Mixing herbs and potions can be for medicine as well as magic.

Hidden in the herbs in the rafters is a little face. The book mentions the face, egg and snake carved on the wood but not this. Is it an apprentice hiding in the rafters. or a mask she's made and waiting to dry.

How funny. I put on my glasses and it looks like my great-nephew! LOL! he was the kid who would leave jokes on my answering machine when he knew I was at work. He's now 15 and into 'goth' mode. He constantly wears his beanie and is trying to grow a mustache. He's just a kid, still...he doesn't blend well with the family lately and we will all be together for the holidays...

how much easier this deck is for me to understand. Not a forbidding angel looking at me trying to get me to stop drinking my wine.:) and I can see the connection between 14 and 3 as both are mixing to create.


I love this card but it is really hard to pronounce it. I think the little face in the top of the shack is just like the one carved in the jug in the death card.

I wish the book explained all these symbols. I love how bright and cheerful this card is.

Does anyone know what the snake and egg are supposed to mean? I know generally the snake is transformation and egg is creativity but not sure if it fits here.


I absolutely adore this card!! This is the one specific card in the Druidcraft that is ME!! I'm not sure exactly why but it touches something in me - maybe some past life or something like that. :) But I love this card!! It's actually one of my all-time favorite cards from any deck.


First Impressions
This card seems to be about creativity , moderation, balance , combining different elements. The combinations appear to be opposite parts of one entity.

Number, Element, Question asked

Question asked; this card asks if we are practicing moderation? Can we blend other elements into our life to make it whole?

Element: fire this card focus on the creativity of the element and the out put of some of those combinations is energy, also she is mixing fire and water , to make steam ( air)

Number 5
This was the hard part for this card. 5’s are about change and some times the trauma that causes them. This is really good for this card because it shows the “other side” of this card. once we mix fire and water , we have steam
steam is neither bad or good but it is changed.

Talking with the card:
I just asked for help because this card was getting really hard.
what I got back was this is a card of doing and making and that it is also about patience and waiting, sometimes the best things we can do it nothing.

Bringing it all together
Temperance can be about moderation at first this card showed pouring water into wine to allow a person to drink with out feeling the effect. With Fire being that will power, creative energy and 5’s being about change and many of the symbols showing combining opposite forces like man and woman ( 2 triangles) and the snake of transformation about to swallow the egg off creation this card seems to be more about combining apparent opposites to form something new. The 5’s and fire also give us a hind to what ca happens if this card goes “ bad” unwilling to combine other forced or see other ideas .look at the 5’s in the minor arcane and we can see what happens if we get single minded. This is one of those cards that are so good it is hard to find something bad about it even the 5 of wands( fire) is the least painful of the 5’s

Good bad and indifferent.

Good: learning moderation , willing to combine things to form some thing new overcoming a problem . being creativity,

Bad: alcoholism, going to extremes, having blinders on

Indifferent: using the entire self i.e.: not being just physical but also being emotional and/or spiritual

PS If at all possible I would love comments on this as I do not feel comfortable with this card. I feel like I missed some thing i re-read all sorts of books and checked out as much info as I could but still do not fee secure in my knowledge.