Finally Got It


My boyfriend gave me the Gay Tarot this morning as a birthday present, and although I haven't really had the time to look through it yet, I expect this will be a very exciting deck! Didn't even know it was sold in Israel, and I thought of getting another deck, but when i arrived at the store, I knew what I was going to get!!!


Great birthday gift ;)
Welcome to the group. :)


Congratulations on obtaining the deck. I have had my eye on this for a while, but each time I see it, I resist. What are your impressions of the deck? Have you used it in any readings yet?


Stop thinking -- just buy it ! LOL!!!! :smoker:


After looking at the deck more fully, I see that it will take some work, but that i will enjoy every minute of it. What caught my eye at first was the simplicity of the artwork. Uncluttered, clear and forthright, but at the same time the very simplicity of it is deceptive. I can see a lot of depth in the cards. what I like also was the artwork was completely modern, not showing the "great events" that other decks show, but real, simple scenes from real life.

What may take some getting used to is the absence of suit symbols on the minors, but once I go through it and study it, then i'll get used to it.

A fabulous deck, which I reccomend to everyone! (not just men)