Find the errors :-)


As already noted, I've sorted some Tarot decks inside the Museum of Alexander. Now there is the problem, that Alexander made some errors according to his condition, that he hasn't the Kaplan.
Is it possible, that we research in community these errors? For me alone it's a little much work.

Florence Minchiate - Italy, unknown (ca. 1700)
VSS, Germany (2001, reprint of 1930/1748)
A. Göbl, Bavarian Animal Tarot - Germany (1750)
Grimaud, Tarot of Marseilles - France (1963, reprint of 1761 of Nicolas Convert)
Tarot Flamand - Swiss, AGM (reprint from 1780)
G.Drago, Tarot of Marseilles - Italy (ca. 1790)
Fournier, Tarot of Marseilles - Spain (1984, reprint of 18th century)
J.G.Backofen, Animal Tarock, Germany (1800)
Gorizia, Tarot of Marseilles (18th c.)
Berti, Tarot of Marseilles (18th c.)
J.C.DuPort, Tarock - Poland (18th c.)
C.F.Pfeiffer, Tarock - Germany (18th/19th c. ?)
Napoleon Tarock - France, unknown (1808)
Industrie-Comptoir, Animal Tarot - Germany (1810)
Turkey - Germany. unknown (1810)
Gumppenberg, Historical Tarock, Italy (1812)
F.Eurich, Tarock - Austria (1816)
Estel, Chinese Tarock - Austria (1820)
Joseph Estel, Tarot - Austria (1823)
Tarot of Marseilles - Italy, unknown (ca. 1830)
Barricades - France, unknown (1832)
Bechstein - Tarock, Germany (1835)
Classical Tarot - Italy, Lo Scarabeo (2000, engravings from 1835)
Uffenheimer - Animal Tarock (1837)
Gassmann, Tarot of Marseilles - Switzerland (1840 - 1860)
Piatnik, Industrie und Gluck Tarock - Austria (since 1843)
Emil Hirschfeld, Tarot - Austria (1844)
Egyptian Tarot, France - unknown(1845)
Glanz, Constitution Tarock - Austria (1848)
Sewera, Animal Tarock - Czechia (1849)
Glanz, Franz Josef, Military Tarock - Austria (1854)


If I understand you correctly, you are suggesting that we check these against Kaplan's volumes, and presume that Kaplan is more likely correct ...(?)

I personally would enjoy being engaged in this, as it would also give me some good grounds for further delving through the three volumes of the Encyclopedia, which I haven't done for a while... but it will have to wait until the end of next week, as I have personally quite busy this weekend.



Yes, Kaplan is probably more correct, but that might be different from case to case.

When I've alternative data, I can give it to Alexander and he can compare.