Find your purpose in life


Hi all, I created this spread - by adapting Paulina Cassidy's "where to find joy" spread - to explore what's my purpose in life after reading Dr. Michael Newman's book called Destiny of Souls. More about life's purpose and Newman's theory, as well as the full reading in my blog, but here's the spread!

How to find purpose in life

- - 3 - -
2 - 1/6 - 4 (1 crossed by 6)
- - 5 - -

This reading was done with Fool’s Dog app and it mixes different decks for added visual cues.

1. What is my purpose? ACE OF PENTACLES, Bonefire deck

The seed, the opportunity, good luck. My purpose is to experience the material world in general: the joys and donwsides. But it’s also to find and unlock opportunities, and provide these to others where I can.

2. Where to find purpose? 9 SWORDS, Joie de Vivre deck

This card shows a cat climbing up a tree, but it has stopped its progress towards the reward (smiling hearts) at the top of the tree because there are piranha-like creatures flying around and nagging at it. The cat just sits there, paralysed by fear. This card says: don’t let others’ opinions stop you from living your purpose! For my purpose, this can also mean that I should encourage others to care less about what random people or relatives think and go after what resonates and feels right in life.

3. Where to work to find purpose? (this doesn’t necessarily or only mean your career, but an area in life or a mindset to adopt to find purpose) HANGED MAN, Gaian Tarot.

Staying put, learning from being quiet and inactive, and letting the revelation come at its own pace are what are needed. Indeed, I’d like a lot of things happen now, such as many of my ideas take off, but I clearly need to wait, ponder and let them mature on their own still. The universe and all its answers are within me, if I know how to look.

4. What are you allowing to block your purpose? HERMIT, Gaian tarot.

This card shows a monk-like hooded figure sitting under a tree with a note book and a pen. I take this to mean that my tendency to spend a lot of time alone, thinking, studying and writing, is hindering my purpose if taken to extreme. I can’t experience the material world and the wonders of nature if I’m merely observing, not participating – living in my head, not in my body. Point taken.

5. Purpose mentor - who or what can help me find purpose? 4 PENTACLES, Victorian Fairy deck.

This card is a reminder to not be too attached to material and not too protective and risk-averse in life. Yes, it's good to explore and be fascinated by the material world but do not get too attached to it - life's fluid and always changing. This could also say it's good to notice and appreciate what you have - you don't need anything more in the material sense.

6. Universe’s gift – what helps you to find or live your purpose? EXPLORER OF FIRE (PAGE OF WANDS), Gaian tarot.

This card is all about taking risks just for fun, exploring something new and exciting, finding inspiration from something uncharted. This is very much what I do all the time in a mental level (research on a number of creative topics) but I also like adventurous life, trying new things and experiences. Continuing to live like this seems beneficial to me, then!


Thanks for posting/tinkering around with this one Saskia :thumbsup: Doing such a spread has been on my mind for a while now, so great timing for me. I'll let you know how I get on with it alittle later ...


Thank you for posting this!

Thank you for posting this, I've been wanting to try a spread like this for a while now.


Thank you!

I have used my herbal tarot an the power of runes oracle for this spread and the answers I have got are weaved together so correctly and beautifully...




I tried this with my Wooden Tarot and Earthbound Oracle, it gave me some interesting results!

((Some of them completely called me out on my negativity, haha))