Finding the Faeries again


hello again fellow faery lovers

It has been months since I have used my deck, things have been crazy studying for my first semester of college and I hadn't had a moments peace until today. Granted the work load hasn't lessened, but my stress levels have. I have realized that I was working myself up into a worried mess about many things, especially with studying psychology. It made me feel like I was mentally ill if I believed what my mind told me, and deluded by my own hormones for seeing, hearing, or sensing the Fae.

I know know that science cannot explain everything, and I am ok with that (after many discussions with my husband and soul searching)... I want to believe in the Fae, that there are Gods, magic, spirits, and that I am connected to more than just my perceptions of the world around me...

Whew, that is a long post, but I feel a weight off my shoulders being able to come back here, and I am so excited to be celebrating Ostara by settling into peace for the first time in a long time. I think the Fae have been laughing at me though, for being so wound up over things I cannot control and shouldn't try to.

So hello everyone, I am so glad to be back. *wave*