Finding your inspiration


The Oracle has been one of the most inspiring experiences I've ever had. It has shown me ideas and concepts that the Tarot never has.

Are we just more receptive to these? Do you share the same feelings?


The faeries are personalities you can dialogue with.

By contrast, it's much harder to dialogue with some Tarot cards or I Ching hexagrams.

I think it's the ability to dialogue with the faeries that makes this oracle so special.


I think each of us sees something uniquely our own when using these cards. The messages are often deeply personal. Because of this, I agree, a dialogue is established and they can be *very* moving to work with.

Their gentle, yet wise humor is of course another winning aspect.

diane drizzy

I sort of think of the faeries as my extended "family", a little disfunctional at times but family nontheless! :laugh: I also have faeries that I do lean on at times such as The Green Woman. But you're right aneski they can be incredibly inspiring.