Fire element - magic/spirituality


I keep getting hints that I should use the fire element more in my spirituality/magic. I always considered myself more of a water/air-person even though my sun sign is Leo.

Do any of you have ideas for rituals/practices etc. that could help me or other ways of integrating the fire element more? All I can think of is incense, candle magic or ritually burning stuff. Pretty lame I guess. ;)


Candle magic isn't small - it's empowering stuff! In fact, I'd say to just start with lighting candles and watching the flame. Watch it dance. It's pretty. Look for the flame inside you, the flame of spirit. It'll dance at the same time, and you'll feel yourself start to relax, to feel grounded. It's a great place to start.

And, of course, you can just watch the sun rise and the sun set. Look for the first sign of light in the morning sky, watch it start to spread and brighten. In the evening, watch the sun set. Watch the light change. It's all fire magic.

Do some cooking. It's great fire magic. You don't need a grill or a barbecue - I live in a London flat, and I can tell you, you don't even need an open flame. Just stir and watch the heat change the nature of the food, watch it transform it from ingredients into a recipe. Transformation magic in action!

What else? Raise your fiery energy: listen to music with a strong and irresistible beat. Dance around to it, feeling your energy start to rise and rise. Shout and sing. It's the fire within you being stoked up. You'll feel it: heart pounding, blood rushing. Exhilaration. That's fire at work.

But, honestly, a candle is a great place to start. Just a tealight will do, to begin with: light it and just watch, really watch. Watch the flames change colour, watch them grow and recede. For a few minutes, let all your focus be on the flame. Don't think, or analyze: just watch and enjoy. It's a great meditative exercise. For all that fire is passion and excitement, you'll be surprised by how relaxed the flame makes you feel. Oh, and don't forget to take a step back and see how large a shadow that tiny flame can cast, what a difference such a tiny thing can make.

Have fun :)


Thanks a lot for your input. I'll try that. :)


Fire is an amazing teacher. If you have the opportunity of setting and lighting a sacred fire outdoors, then spending at least 24 hours (preferably several days) tending and sitting with Fire. Just being there, listening, being open and coming to the fire with respect can bring profound insights.