Firework Spread


I created this spread one day when I realised I was doing so many separate readings for all aspects of life. Like many, I turn to tarot for advice and I thought - why not create my own spread that can give me a bit of insight into all areas of life?

I feel it's great for myself and any querent as it covers not only advice that you can implement into your day to day but it can also help you to understand what you are wanting to achieve, what's crossing it and advice on how to achieve it.

1. Current emotions/mindset: Center left

2. Desired emotions/mindset: Center right

3. What's challenging you to achieve your desired emotions/mindset: Center crossing

4. Advice about overcoming current mindset: Left on it's side

5. Advice on achieving the desired mindset: Right on it's side

6. Advice about friendships: Bottom left

7. Advice about relationships and romance: Bottom center (my friend who agreed to let me share this reading requested I add an additional crossing card to this slot for her)

8. Advice about work/education/the "worldly" things: Bottom right

9. Advice regarding family: Top left

10. Advice regarding mental state and the deep inner workings of the mind: Top right

11. Probable outcome when taking this advice: Top center



Looks interesting must give it a try with my new oracle deck coming in :)