First Experiences with Faeries


Hi, all! I've been reading this forum for some time and became overwhelmed by the desire to buy the Faeries Oracle. The urge was so strong! What an experience it's been, and I'm only at the beginning.

First of all, when I picked up the oracle at the store -- still in its shrink-wrap -- the energy that came through the box was unmistakably unique. When I actually held the cards, the feeling was indescribable -- there was such a lightness, but simultaneously great depth and intensity, combined with subtlety, grace and great humor. What a combination!

Then I experienced first-hand what some of you have referred to -- the faeries having minds of their own. I tried putting them in various boxes and bags, all of which were lovely, but it was no use -- they didn't like any of them. Then I visited a gift shop that sold floral-printed tins, and that's what they wanted! They're happily in their tin now, wrapped in a yellow cotton handkerchief which they also picked out.

I did the exercises in the book and found them very helpful, then went through each card and jotted down my impressions in a notebook. To my surprise, my meanings were significantly different from many of those in the book -- but, because I had done the exercises in order to "bond" with the deck first, I didn't view that as a result of my being wrong; instead, it made me laugh and feel as if that, too, was part of the faerie experience.

There is a feeling and a particular type of aliveness about this deck that I have not felt with any other. Daily draws are thought-provoking and often produce "Aha" reactions, without being frightening.

Cards are amazing. There are so many "rooms," levels and planes in the psyche that are addressed and filled by decks of all kinds -- the faeries occupy a very special dimension of being that offers refreshment, balance and fun, qualities that we sorely need in today's world!

Thank you all for introducing me to the Faeries and sharing your experiences with them.


Welcome :)

Welcome aboard!

I'm so glad that the Faeries caught you! :) I hope you will share many more of your experiences and exercises!

Feel free to share your "aha" moments so that others can experience your perceptions too!

Looking forward to seeing more of your posts in here.


Astraea, it sounds like you and your Faeries are well on your way to having tons of fun together. The amazing thing about these cards, to me, is how They hold up mirrors (like the Rorschact blot test) and we will often see what we project on to Them.

In this, They allow us to look at ourselves anew, and like you said, in ways that aren't as intimidating or frightening to experience.

Gawatchal was my least favorite card, due mostly to a specific event I was associating Him with. Now, I pulled him yesterday as my daily Fae and realized that I wasn't afraid to face that event any more. I had faced it already, but through Him, and then dealt with it myself and released the event's trauma from continuing to effect me.

I hope you continue to posts your own experiences as you have them. The nice thing about this deck is it always seems accessible, even on days when Tarot may not (at least, to me ;)).

Best wishes to you and your Fae, from me and my Fae!!!


Thank You

Thanks for your replies, Kirali and Alissa. The curious thing is that when I began working with the Faeries, it felt as though they knew all about me, while I was just getting acquainted with them! I quite agree that they hold up mirrors in a way that is non-threatening -- they seem to show us ourselves in a way that is quite humanly understandable, and humane. I tend to live in my head, and these faeries have already helped me to laugh at myself and see things in a more balanced way.

The second day I played with the cards, my least favorite (the Soul Shrinker) was no longer in that category -- whereas on day #1 he had reminded me of a specific character from an episode of "X Files," on day #2 he simply looked unfinished and ripe for change. My favorite card (Arval), I liked even more. At the very least, the faeries are powerful thoughtforms.

I'm looking forward to participating in this study group, and thank you for your warm welcomes! :)


Re: Thank You

Astraea said:
At the very least, the faeries are powerful thoughtforms.

I'm looking forward to participating in this study group, and thank you for your warm welcomes! :)

AHHHH!!! You sound as if you're familiar with the concept of thoughtforms, how wonderful!! I feel like you *must* be a kindred spirit then :D!

I've talked much with a friend of mine about the concept of thoughtforms, and to hear it applied to the Fae seems uniquely correct, and one I'd never considered.

These Faeries really *do* bring more humor into my life too. I find the funniest things in life now ... recent example, a clump of wet snow grows heavy on a branch and falls, KER-PLOP, on my baby's hooded head. My toddler son looks skyward as if to wonder what new weather phenomena *this* is ... falling snowballs.

I just about died that day. And, I am SURE it was aimed by a playful Fae who probably giggled Himself off the branch as well.


Playful Fae/Thoughtforms

Alissa, yes, that's what I think, too -- the faeries really do open our eyes to experiences of humor and synchronicity that let us realize the interconnectedness of all life. What a gift! This deck opens doors. The whimsical and fun images on the cards might seem "lightweight" to those who haven't explored the deck -- yet it's one of the "heaviest" decks I've ever encountered, in terms of depth and honesty, without beating people over the head. I love it.

Brian Froud says that he allows his drawings to come to him, without attempts to categorize or label the faeries in any definitive way -- in keeping with their shapeshifting qualities. To me, they are probably thoughtforms, arising from a distinctive stream of consciousness. :)


all aboard!

Welcome aboard! I'm so glad you answered the call of the fae. They are so MUCH fun, and yet honest. I've given up for the most part for book definitions, as my sister explained a while ago in another thread "WHAT? that's not what my fae mean!" is the same way I feel as well. I'm so glad that you've already took that oppurtunity to see what the cards mean to you. After reading for 10 yrs regular tarot, I still struggle and feel "blocked" with them, with this deck, there is no struggle or block, it's a steady flow for me as if I've been using them for 10 yrs. I only got my deck 2 months ago, so their still REALLY new to me too!

I am really looking forward to seeing your posts, hearing your stories and exchanging ideas.

"dun dun dun, another one bites the dust" hehehe.


Thank You, Sagitarian!

I appreciate your welcome! And I totally agree with you about these cards. The Faeries are incredibly personal, specific and accurate (a one-card draw yields a mine of information), and it's razor-sharp and honest, but gentle and non- judgemental. Another thing I'm noticing is that the meanings are not static, but energized and fluid. As you say, the Faeries beautifully reflect each person's uniqueness. It will be fun to learn and share with others on this forum! :)


*rubbing my hands together with glee* Ooh, I feel some juicy new info approaching.
What do you mean by thoughtforms, Alissa and Astraea? Do you mean they are created, or dependant on our thoughts, that they have no external reality?
I've always considered that they have an external reality, that we filter with our beliefs, cultures, vibrational level etc. But are you talking about something different?
Fascinated to learn more!!


Thoughtforms and Faeries

Hi, Butterfly! My understanding of thoughtforms is that they are molded according to the shapes of our human understanding, but their substance originates on the mental plane -- which partakes of a reality vaster than our own. So, although we humans create forms or vessels that resonate with our planetary, cultural and species-related experiences, the mental substance of which they are composed "meets us halfway" -- thoughtforms are something of a hybrid, then, between "us and them."

To me, faeries are essentially other-dimensional spirits whose appearances change according to our human understandings, which in turn vary according to the historical/cultural period we are in, our individual upbringings and beliefs, and a host of other factors; that's why faeries, as thoughtforms, shapeshift.

That's my own take on faeries as thoughtforms, anyway! :)