First Experiences with Guides, Angels, etc...

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First Experiences with Guides, Angels, etc...

Quoting Skytwig.....

"Also, that green light you saw is a common 'sighting' by those who are looking to see angels and guides. I believe it is because love is the light you are seeing, love being the substance of the spirit who is present (the heart chakra is green)."

Thank you so much for all of this post you sent! You don't know how much this helps me to know that I am literally having these baby steps happen to me. I am going to take this a paragraph at a time to answer to these with an entire post back as so much of it has happened with me.

First, quite a long time back, when I literally felt that I had never seen anything, I just was meditating for relaxing purposes only. It was during the stages after you're done that you are still questioning "Is this what medatating is or am I just sitting here all the time doing breathing exercises?". I was very surprised when there was this color experience. The only way to describe this is to say there was a low mist of green and much higher above changing from green to blue. There was a large amount of the green-blue before truly a knowing that blue was above and green was low. There is more on this, but I need to tell here that this was long before ever having studied or had knowledge of Chakra colors. When I learnt of the heart chakra and the throat chakra this experience came to my forethought.

Almost all of what I am telling in these different post happened at least a few, if not many months apart. In hindsight I am thinking the reason being is that was the best way to deal with my practical, rational mind. Give a little, allow that to soak in and then give a little.

The next time that I had a third eye experience with color and this time with form, was when I had been for sometime putting out to the Universe that I would like to know my guides. At the time that I saw this was just before sleep in that state I often have of where you can't move, can't answer if someone was to ask you something, so very relaxed and near to sleep. (I have this happen very often on waking, literally cannot move a hair!) I was sitting on a rock out in a prairie. I had the desire to know any of my guides, regardless of type. I was looking low, not out too far, but seeing the wind making waves in the tall grasses and then appeared I knew a female presence in the distance. I didn't see it, but felt her. As I was watching the prairie grasses sway to their dance, I was sensing her approach and was comfortable with it. My line of vision was kept low and soon in the honey hues of the grasses walking then between them was this long flowing garment of brilliant flashes of light. It wasn't white light except when hitting the gleam of the sun with every step forward to me. The color was of this mixture of both greens and blues and small bits of both gold and silver. Some parts were strongly green and others blue and some were blending. It was beautiful and shimmering and changing with her steps as sunlight hit on it. I used the word garment and not sure that that is correct here either. I didn't say gown or dress although it was long and traditionally one would call it a flowing gown. It was so much a part of this being, that it is hard to think of it as something to be removed from her. Hate to disappoint, but I never saw while coherent the full view of her. I only saw this attire of her's from the length of her legs down as she was walking to me. I know that I was feeling lighter and brighter as she took steps to me. I believe that when sleep came, she was still with me and I can't say if she talked with me there or if she took me elsewhere or just made me sleep. When I woke the next morning, I was thinking on what happened prior to sleep and tried to recall if I'd dreamt anything and couldn't. However I was refreshed for the day.

While typing all of this, I started thinking again of a post I wrote a few months back (under the LadyGinny name) about having over my life for this name come to me, never having heard another speak of it and I still wonder is this a guide, is this name a higher presence of Self, was it me in a past lifetime, or is it maybe a name that my soul sees as GOD. The name(s) is Neesheewa and Coneesheewa. That is said as "Knee-She-Wa" and "Co-Knee-She-Wa". I get the feeling from some of the experinces with this that Coneeshewa is the literal name. While Neesheewa (shorter version and a more intimate name), it is very much like a prayer, a deep and longing plea. Really like Neesheewa is a cry of the soul similar to a baby's cry out for need. Still with knowing this much of it, I can't say which of the identities it belongs to.