first healing session, with massage table, with more to follow


It started with my question if a massage table had been purchased as I saw one at walmart and the people at the health centre did buy one. I was amazed. We were at the round house when I asked about it , not expecting a massage table had been purchased. And more then that , there was an interest in having a healing that afternoon. At the same time there was two first year med students who had a placement at the reserve so it was a chance to show them alternative healing methods.
At the round house I was sharing with the med students how may use the traditional tools to do healings.
I was sharing how we could use a eagle whistle to call the eagle to help a person healing,, and to suck out sickness.. And we use the feathers to sweep off sickness off individuals.
I had talked about the rattle and how it was used in shamanism to do soul retrievals but here in this area no one here pratices that.. And I was mentioned that it could be an american native techique as that is where the developer of shamanism, micheal harner had learned about it.
Then that is when I asked about the massage table and so an healing sessions was arranged that afternoon.

For those who are new here,, or haven’t followed my posts here over the years,, I have studied pranic healing, huna kane, reiki , quantum touch , colour healing through books. And I have actually taken 3 pranic healing courses and one huana kane course .
Yet I found myself at a loss for I was taken aback for I had basically written off healing techiques feeling that it had passed me by or that I was done with it.
Yet again,, before this time I was actually feeling something was coming up for healing (though I didn’t expect it so soon ) and I had before this day spent a couple of days remembering healing techiques,, or thoughts I had. Previously to this I had done two days of pranic healing sessions but since then I had moved on to quantum touch and that is what going on in my mind., clearing and energizing the whole body.

So with a little apprehension it had become time to get started even more apprehension had set in for there was med students who were going to observe.. I actually was getting nervious like I was doing a nude massage and I had to remind myself that is why I had studied these energy/spiritual healing techiques to move past the muscles/systems of massage and pressure point.

There was some preliminary questions such as If I remember correctly ,, “what do I do to prepare for a session” to which I said I mostly spend time energizing up my body with the light, and do a sort of prayer ..
And I described the quantum touch techique and the chante of unan that I would be using and what was happening when I was using it.

My friend lisa has her own healing path before her first of all starting with healing techiques like I did with books but our paths had diverged examples is that I was able to go to pranic healing,, and she herself went on a journey to study with some traditional female healers who used new age techiques with traditional native techiques to great effect. Or rather was traditional healers who incorpated some new age techiques now and then. We had studed quantum touch together from the book/videos and I explained to her some of my pranic healing studying I had did over the years since. I did it.

So she started on the left side of the body near the head and I started on the right part of the body of the direct of the health centre (this time was to be the workers of the health centre more on that later) near the foot. Since I healed with my eyes closed so I can get into my breathing and my healing space I wasn’t’ observing lisa as she healed.. I just focused on doing the best I could over here with what I had studied.

Before I move on further,, let me share my major feeling I was going though was ,, well let me share ,,

Before I had worked on my uncle for some lower back pain and we talked afterwards for I said I was looking for the long lasting effect I remember telling him..
And months later I was having dinner with my mom and a friend earlier this year and the topic came to my healing studies and I shared that “I haven’t seen the miracle yet “
And my mom said “ you arent’ the messiah “,, and my friend said “ yes you are not jesus lockyer,, you are Donald “,, and we laughed but at the time I was thinking, then what is it all for.
Well now a important point for me was before me I thought to myself as I started the healing sessions.

To summ it up,,

I did quantum touch, sweeping /pulling out negative energy , charging up the area and closing off with some more quantum touch,. For most areas I started off with the unan symbol and the chanting.of the name.
So over the period I moved from the foot, calf, back of the leg , above the hip, up the right side of the back, the arm/shoulder, to the head.
As I got up to the crown area I did the repeats , but also included a prayer for a blessing for the person I was working on. I, then proceeded to go down the left side of the body however I did notice one thing,,by the left side of the leg there wasn’t much sweeping to be done , so I did some light charing..
I had wondered if my energy had depleted by now ? (read on further down for the answer)
I always end off my sessions with a balance/closing down the circuit by sending up energy from both feet.
I figure it ground the body naturally and the whole body get balanced by the reflexology points in the body as the energy gets sent up.
One interesting thing about this is i did the raku symbol above the spine in order to clear out negative energy and one of the med students caught that and had wondered why I did that. I explained about the symbol and what it does , and the person I was working on commented that they felt the lighting, and that it came from the lighting beings called the thunderbirds in our tradition.

Another thing that had occurred was my friend lisa asked about auric holes and I said instead closing them up with stiches ,, instead fill it up so it begins to close up naturally growing smaller and smaller.. I don’t know if the med students had caught that though.

I was supposed to work on another person, then another person,, but a third person was decided on so myself and lisa started to work on this person by ourselves.
Without the med students watching,, I relaxed more as I didn’t’ have to focus on doing anything that I would have to explain..
It was pretty well a repeat of the first sessions with added benefit of being asked to worked on her stomach as she had a problem with that earlier in the day having went to emerg and being told it was nothing.
So for this it was agreed that I would do that before I close down the circuit.

Before I did start working on the stomach ,, I noticed there was a lack of clearing on my part for the left side of the foot and I wondered if it was me ?..
So when the woman turned over for her stomach to be worked she shared that the doctor hurt her by pressing deep into her stomach.
I wondered about the hara, and method used in pressing stomach pressure points that I was going to study one time long ago but I never ordered the books.
Anyhow since there is hardly any pressing in quantum touch and none in pranic healing there was nothing for her to worry about. So after some time doing healing,, I proceeded to go close down the circuit at the feet.

I asked this person about her session today about how it felt for her,, and she said despite being extremely tired that day ,, she got her second wind that night , was energized and then after a while felt extremely tired before going to sleep. (it should be noted she was extremely tired that day when we worked on her ) .

I have found that is the usual pattern of pranic healing/quantum touch combo that the person felt energized with an energy high after til they crashed and got extremely tired which called for a good nap, or est.

To end this part , we started on the back in order to clear out the past,, and in the next session we would the front part of the body. However we already broke this by working on the stomach in the second sessions.

Also myself and lisa had talked afterwards that day and I said “what is better,, balance of the body or drama”, and she said “balance “,, but I would go on to think about this for the weekend.


so the next days,, fridays and mondays.

The next day (which was Friday) I talked to the health direct about her experience, and where do we go from here ? .
She said she saw it as a way for the health workers to get some aid. And I nodded.
And we talked about how we can make it better.
We talked about intake forms or something like that.. And there was the question that was asked was,,
She was expecting more diagnosis about what to focus on for herself., and I said I was focused on doing the healing techiques .

In retrospect,, I realized that previously when I did pranic healing sessions there when I focused on clearing out the chakras that there was some unintended readings done that just naturally occurred.

I also explained on Friday that the reason why a reiki session (in general to those reiki people who read this and don’t do it this way ) lasts so long , that originally they were trying to strech out a sessions as a massage healer gets paid a buck a minute or around 60 bucks an hour. So if you reiki a person entire body it will be stretched out, also that hand positions were designed for beginners. As I said this to her, I wondered in mind, if she was wondering if I was asking for 60 bucks or something so I quickly moved on the next part.

We should have a donation can or something like that so they can put tobacco or money , I said bannock perhaps,, so they will have respect for it. And I also said “you guys can use the tobacco for cermonies as I don’t’ use tobacco hardly ever “.

So we agreed on next Friday morning ( which will be hard for me as I am nighthawk ehe ).

Thus I thought to myself over the weekend,, why didn’t’ I get any insights like I got before,, and why did I not get as much energy to clear on the left leg as I did the right leg.
I thought to myself in pranic healing we had a discussion about why do we need to do clearing if we already did a general clearing or vice versa localized vs. general sweeping and how the instructor told us “don’t be lazy “..

Then I had flash of insight ,, OF COURSE !!, lisa already cleared the left leg so there wasn’t anything for me to clear.. And also I didn’t do any tarot readings where I would of did a tarot reading if they came to my house for a healing as I didn’expect people would be open to it, for it be felt it was being thrust on them.

I then spent time looking through all my healing books, pranic, your healing hands, light emerging by barbara ann brennen to contrast and compare the healing properties of them.
I also realized that as went through the healing procedure I avoided the 7 major chakras but for the crown area when I did the blessing. Hmm.

So today well Monday during the afternoon I talked to lisa about this and asked her this..

“did you feel a different between the right and left legs “ yes she said without hestiation, “you already cleared the right leg so there wasn’t much to do when I got there “

I asked “did you notice we skipped the chakras ,, or I did “? and she said “yes I wonder why “

I said “it was because we were sitting and I didn’t’ want to ask them to move to their side at the time.but,, since you already clear the left side as I do the right side,, then .. “

So we agreed that she would do the left,, I would do the right side,, and then they would move to their side and I would do the back side of the chakras and she would do the front chakras .. And doing it this way we can do twice as much work in that much time.


the colours

Pranic advice,,
Draw a ring of colour and put white in the middle,, or make it pastrel

Don’t use orange on the diahr
don’t use red or orange on veneral diseas
Don’t use colours on pregnant woman
Don’t use red and yellow together, , dirty red and yello are colours of cancer,, for they are rapidly growing, and hardening.

Colour healing

Red warm
Charges up an area, strengthens an area,, it can be used to burn out cancer,
It energies chakras, charge up organs.
Red flame is used to clean up all physical blocakges.
Good for orgisn in the first chakra area

Orange expells
Loosens, decongests,, cleans
Heavy duty cleaning, revmove heavy congestation , it expels
Avoid, on head, eyes, braind, jaw, heart, spleen,
Used to clean up all blocked creativity, sexual energies as the orangel flame. Good for all organs in the s econd chakra regions.
Use on arthritis, cyst, lung problems

Yellow cements
Starts growth, repairs
Best used for wounds, injuries
Cement, hardens, , promotes tissue growth,
Repairs cells,
Clear up all blocked personal power/will with the yellow flame.
Good for third chakra regions, clears the mind.

Green break down
Dissolves, decongest, breks down sickness
Clensings,and energises any area
Use for feave, locazlied sweeping, , .it is milder, ad safer then orange, it is often better to do green, orange green,, but first used blue to localize the area.
Clear up all blocked emotions with the gree flame
Good for all areas of the fourth chakras

Rose/pink ,, another colour for the heart, chakra,, it is femine,, and great for emotional healing.

Blue cools
Disinfects,, calms , helps out fevers it is cooling
Relieving pain.
Use to reduce bleeding, induce rest, remove pain,
Good for areas in the fifth chakra area. Used to cauterize wounds in spiritual surgery.

Blue green, it chops, cools,
It sooths,and disifnets, relieves pains
Clear up all blocked self expressions,, with the blue flame.

Clearing, clarifying
Clear up all psychic blockages with the indigo flame
Good for all areas near sixth chakras,

Violet all properties
Helps to heal more rapidly , , all properites,
Cleanings, disinfects, magnifying effecton other prana,
Add silver, eletrcity,, it makes it even more power
Clear up all spiritual blockages as a flame

Silver Purges,
Silver flame clears all femine blockages,,
And prepares the body to received gold flame and white flame.

Platinum purges invading m icrogams even stronger then the silver light.

Strenghts and restructures
Clears all masculine flames,
Helps you connect to god

It is always the safe colour to use,
White flame brings the divine guidance and clears divine blcokage.s
Reduces pain

Mother of pearl
Balances,, give a resovir of blaance energy for the cells, and for protection.

Pastel colours are gentle


Bending an area,, inside of the body and outside,,,, the light bends against an area,, then pierces the area

It loosens up an area,, , streches,, untangles an area

Sweeping an area

It balances out an area.

Funnel of light

Create an counter clock wise funnel /vortex of light to draw away negative enrgies,,
Then crate a clock wise funnel/of light to charge up an area.

Creating a circuit,,
So the energy goes from your one hand into the other hand and back through your body like contiounous circle.

Send energy through the body

You can cushion the body like a sandwich or send your healing all the way through the body to the floor.

Getting pushed away,,

Pulling away the energy and sweep til you are no longer pushed away

Closing down the circuit,

Do a complete sweep to make sure there are no collected energies ,, that everything is all blaanced.
which i would add to do it at the feet for balancing purposes.


Since the last post,, I have worked on 6 people ,

The first sessions

When I got there to work on people that morning ,, I was told that I would be working by myself that morning which put a obstacle in my plan for as I shared the plan was for lisa to work on one side and for me to work on the other side so we can get the whole body front and back.
Also that morning there was people in the room so I was waiting for someone to come in and set up the table, I was about to go home that day when the first person who was going to be worked on, one of the nurses came in and offered to set up the table.
So bearing down my energies we set up the space,, as she got the table ready,, I drew some reiki symbols in the air and the other nurse brought some sage so I lit some and put my music in the computer.
The music I select is from the author of celtic mysteries, 1 and 2, and Avalon FYI.

So with me working on the body alone I decided to work on the back part of the body that way I get both the back left and right side of the body,, then have them turn on their side to do the 7 chakras,, and then I go to the feet to close down the circuit.

I shared what insights I had received when I cleared out the chakras,,
In the first case,, a picture of new born babies in hospitals as I cleared the past emotions in my mind brought forth some issues for the client..
And in the second case,, mentioning parent as I cleared out the emotional heart center.
The third case nothing of note where there was a big hit or misse was for the chakras.

I asked what it felt like when they were being worked on.. The feedback was
Very warm hands,,, relaxing.
There was no real dramatic miraculous healing that I was looking for,, but the fact that relaxing feeling may of allowed the body to heal itself over time.

One thing of note was the second patient mention some pain when I press into the body,, and I recall what I was doing..

There is a techique I use with my fingers, a kind of tapping looking for sore spots/blockages along the body and where I found a point,, I use my other hand to try to find a matching point and when I do then I just breath the quantum touch/supercharging touch and then keep one hand there and move to the next spot and try to find another spot..
Sometimes when I find the next spot I just lay the whole hand down instead of using the qt fingers..
When I find a spot,, I press in,, but don’t’ keep pressing in,, but instead let my fingers relax and just breathe in..

Also when I get to a sport I don’t’ necessarily try to sweep the spot first,, but instead I lay down the hands/find the spots to create the circuit and use the qt breath to break up the area,, before I start cleansing out an area. So when cleaning out an area afterwards I am taking away negative energy residue as well as extra energy.

Closing down the circuit should be elaborated upon a bit further as well.

Once I am closing down the circuit I put my hands at the ankles and start bringing forth the sacred flames /chakra colours so they do further cleanings.
We have already cleaned a lot of areas so why is this necessary ?
The idea is that it is a sacred flame guided by the creator intelligence so by doing the charge up,, it clears any blockages I may of missed , balanced out the body further and leaves it charged up.

Second session
The next week I was asked to work on my uncle so we started to work on him .
She did the one side of the body ,, and I did the other side of the body and worked as a team.
For me it wasn’t about clearing out the aura but instead I am reaching into the body and sweeping out the body when I work. It could getting down the root perhaps ?

One thing that occurred is when it came time to work on the person stomach as that was the aliement despite working on the entire back was that I resorted to a sort of faitth healing..

In other words I reach on the stomach and looked for energy parasites/blockages and pulled it out instead of sweeping more like a brazilian/faith healer would and at the end of it said “thy will be done “.

One thing to note here is my friend who was working alongside me at point came to me and said “I will let you finish off , and I said “but I need you on that side “.
This was a sign of something to come down the line.. And I went over there and cleared out the 3 top chakras as I was already done my side,, and I gave her a teaching of clearning out chakras as I did the crown center.

I asked him a couple of days later and he said he felt good, it was relaxing. So time will tell if it took.

The third session.

The next day I came to visit and the other worker had a problem with her back,, so after looking at it said “ there is trouble with the disks “,, and she said “it is a pinched muscle “she thought as she had remembered lifting up something.

Here the idea was to do etheric surgery/energy surger, as opposed to do an entire healing.

I found an symbol of flesh wound (energy wise speaking ) ,, I cleared it out with bright orange as to expell any poision,, and cleansed it out with white holy water of light (light that flowed like water)..
And then I filled it in with light, and closed it up.

After which the patient kept trying strech out the back,, and I had moved to the spot where the pain was and did some healing.. With quantum touch,,
I had to leave though that afternoon to go to town so that was that there.

edited to add
i saw her yesterday and she said she saw a chiropactor who said the two disks were almost fused, and he worked on them, and had one more sessions on monday.
we scheduled another session for tuesday ..
that means the healing would be better recieved once the bones are set.

The fourth session.

The Friday morning which was just last Friday now,,
I went in there and talked to the people and my healing friend was very down, and thought healing others had made her sick.
I explained to her that I watched and she kept her hands cleared so it wasn’t that.

After a bit of talking we set up the table, and I worked on the front side of the body to help her move forward with her life. There was some releasing where it came to the heart and throat center.

One thing of note is when I went to scrap the arm,, it was like I was using a scraper to scrap hides when they prepare hides,, and I felt at one point like I was scraping bone.

I shared with her that it wasn’t healing that made her sick, in the sense she was taking on people sickness but rather it was her own blockages being revealed as more light came into her body when she worked on people. It is the nature of when you heal others using light, love that it will be going through your body so you own body will be cleared.

4rth sessions.

I had a sore back on Saturday ,, so I came back,, put some music on and layed down ,, and I said to myself I should be able to do this little healing on myself.

I touched my back while I did some qt, and felt around with my fingers,, found an sore spot instantly and said OCUHY as I cleared it..amazed I reached around did my whole lower back , (as much as I could reach) and did the hips as well.

I didn’t do any massage,, but mostly relied on pressing , finding the pots and pushing and letting the energy flow through and once in a while did qt on the spot.

It was a neffect of walking around in town the day before and working out on Thursday.

So it is still evolving.


I just finished a healing session.

in this session my first in a long time, one of the clients I worked on previously asked through a mutal friend for another sessions so we set it up on monday for today.

after we got the music, incense and massage table set up.

I started off with a 21 card chakra spread and picked up a lot of stuff. which got her mind thinking and gave some clarity which is good for it can help in the healing session itself.

this sessions after thinking a long time, I decided to focus on reiki in conjunction with the qt..
so while i did the unan chant i was was focusing on a reiki symbol, and if i didnt' do the chant i still focused on one of the symbosl while doing the quantum touch breath.

i picked up something from her wedding ring which I shared and after the sessions she shared something personal. she was impressed with what was picked up via the cards and the work itself.

oh I also incorpated reflexology and found one spot on each foot that was very tender for the person,, i worked it out as fast as I could.
i explained the difference between how i use it and how an actual refology would use it.
overall it was very postive response to the session.