first personal deck


im making a deck out of some pictures i took on a trip to guatemala last summer. i cleansed my room and the cards... i just used a pen with normal ink to write what picture is which card. any advice?

Insomnia Turtle

I probably am not the one to answer your question as I'm a newbie, but maybe if you posted a more specific question, maybe you could get the answers you are looking for. Like what kind of advice you are looking for? How to make a deck? Traditional/ general meanings of the cards? Symbolism? Color? Printing?


Sounds like you're in the very early stages of your planning. You've taken some pictures. Are you planning a collaged deck? Are you going to use prints, or create your set digitally? More info on your plan-of-attack would help us figure out what you may need next.
Guatemala, eh? Is it an Aztec or Indian-themed deck? That could prove interesting and unusual.