first reading with the faeries..


I took the faeries with me to work tonight, I knew it would be a really slow one. No one had come in yet, so I had the entire bar to myself. I pulled them out of their new home (one of cjtarot's bags, just lovely!) which they love. I shuffled.. and I shuffled.. and shuffled till my poor hands were numb. I was having fun shuffling. thats a first..
Well when I decided to stop I decided to do my first reading. I used the 'new deck spread' that I found on the spreads board.. (sorry I lost the post ID so I can't post here.. but I tried to give correct credit to poster :( )

Here is what I got:

1. Nelys the Alchemyst
2. The Friends
3. Sylvanius

Now I didn't have my book with me at all at work.. so I kept them on the counter all night long. I would stop when I had a chance and reflect on them. I couldn't describe the cards to save my life... but I did feel this sensationable warmth all over. Tingly even. Just all round happy.

Now I just got home.. pulled out my book and read through each card and studied the illustrations. I believe I have found my own world of friends and will never be alone again. I will definately be using this deck more and more.

I can't imagine I said a few weeks ago I wouldn't buy an oracle deck until I had a strong hold on my tarot studies.. I'm eating my own words now.



Delightful Faeries

This is such a delightful post about your equally delightful experience! I know just what you mean -- the tingly sensation, the feeling of happiness and the sense that the cards represent friends. These cards have a totally different "feel" than any other deck, either tarot or oracle -- they actually seem to quiver with aliveness (and I am aware of how ludicrous that statement would sound to those who haven't experienced the Faeries).

I was also struck by your statement about enjoying the process of shuffling the cards, which you normally don't -- it was in the shuffling that I had one of my first experiences of the Faerie energy, because I felt impelled to shuffle and select cards in a whole new way, which I have no inclination to do with any other deck: my Faeries "like" to have their cards drawn by a process of letting the cards slide from one hand to the other, with the one on top of any "clump" being the one to draw.

I am looking forward to hearing more about your interaction with the Faeries, and thank you again for this great post! :)