Five 'old skills'


I got notification of that when it was first posted - as I'm looking for a copy to read (no idea if I would want to keep a copy in my bookcase forever)

But that's just mad money :(

I'm hoping - when I stir myself to do it - to ask if anyone from here, in UK, would be prepared to lend me a copy, so I could figure out how much I actually would like to own one.

It does say 'make an offer' but I wouldn't want to insult her, my offer would be way below her asking price.



Above all they can tell the Maze:
From the Middle ages onward this was one way for a person to prove,that they have "magical powers": Th person is put either at the entrance - or into the middle of a large maze - most often a garden maze or one created by rocks and wattle and daube. The person was NEVER before to have been there or tried before or be in any way familiar with the maze!!
Then there the person was most often blindfolded , swirrrled around a few times and then had to find his/ her way out of the maze - or into its centre - depending on the starting point - WITHOUT EVER taking a wrong turn!!!!
Every ordinary person can find their way out, but only a witch / magical worker with the aid of her allies can do it in record time...
during the inquisition people were promised to let go free, ifff they could get out there in good time - But - when they did, it proved, they were a witch and then - the gallows waited....
- by the way - in one of the Harry Potter books there was a contest "to tell the Maze"
and Harry saved someone there... forgot exactly what or whom...
Here are nice mazes where you guys can try your luck:


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That's really interesting Mi-Shell, do you have a reference for the connection between mazes and witch trials as it would be really interesting to research this? I was wondering about the connection between labyrinths and inner journeys but using a maze to prove magical powers is a completely different way of looking at it.


Well; Craven would be one, but there I guess, the Fox is biting its tail...
Then there is "Der Hexenhammer" and I suspect,that to be Craven's source.
I will see, wrere and get back...
Mazes were most often garden features of the very rich and privileged and the poor folk had little access to them - other than the gardeners.These also cultivated and knew of all the properties of the herbs that we now see in modern witches potions books.
I think personally, that there is the peasant wise person/ magical worker/ healer, who went out into the woods to look for herbs and knew the woods well and the "gentry", who also dabled in magical arts.


I think discernment should be included but that would be categorized with empathic abilities. It should be & maybe it is, one of the 'clairs'. You know, clairvoyance, claircognizence, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance (??), etc. You can just meet someone & 'know' their hearts.Anyone?