Fleur de Lys


I bought a Marseilles deck, and now I have so many questions....

The Fleur de Lys appears on three cards in this deck (Ancient Tarot of Marseilles). Is it simply a symbol of the royal house of France or is there a deeper meaning to it? Oswald Wirth put Fleurs de Lys on the top of the Papesse's columns and said that they represent the soul growing and unfolding as a result of spiritual work. In art history it often represents the trinity (I think, wish I had a dictionary of symbols). In this Conver tarot it is on the two of cups (three times) (this is a lovely two of cups); the four of coins (again three times) (to make up nine!); and the Queen of coins (on her scepter, but this one looks a little different from the others).

From familiarity with the RWS and read-alikes I would expect to see it on temperance but it is not there. I can think of a meaning for them, especially on the four of coins and the two of cups, but am curious to know if there is an accepted meaning that people familiar with this deck use.



Uncertain, but here's a link

Uncertain about all the symbology, but at least here's a more complete listing of some possible meanings from history:


Fascinating how the delicacy of a beautiful motif can become in itself so full of symbols. I'm new to Oswald Wirth's writings, so I'm curious if you are enjoying it. I think I need to get a good English translation so I can read it with full understanding.

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Thank you for the link, there was a link on that page that lead to a page with much more information, they quoted a heraldry book that pointed out the symbol goes back to Mesopotamia and is found in many cultures,

Yes, I am enjoying reading Wirth very much. I have been reading it in the bookstore, but it may be my next tarot purchase. He has a glyph which is an abstact Fleur de Lys made up of a triangle with the point down, representing the soul, surmounted by a cross representing spiritual work, and then the three petals showing the growth and unfolding of the soul.

If you think of that when you look at this (Conver) two of cups it is the most beautiful two of cups, maybe the most beautiful tarot card, ever.




Thanks for letting me know. I'll check my Conver when I get home.
I really do need an English translation of Wirth