flipped or flying cards


I soooooo often get a card that will fly right out of the deck or a card that flips right over when I shuffle. I always pick those cards as my card of the day - and that seems to work for me - it always ends up having some significance. I was wondering how you all use these flip/fly cards for yourselves.


hi deso,

I seem to have a "flying" card everytime I shuffle ... and the only thing I take it to mean is that I'm just not a very careful or skilled shuffler! I think quite a few people here practice, as you do, using the "flying" card(s) as their card of the day, or recognize it to be of high significance - which is fine, if your comfortable with that. I have a rule with my deck though - I will NOT accept stray cards. If any fly out they go right back in until they can behave!


I always use a card or cards that draw my attention that way! I see them as being anxious to talk. If this occurs during shuffling for a spread for a personal reading or for someone else, I use the card or cards that jump or fly out as the first cards of the spread.
Some readers do not use such cards, which is fine if it is preferred not to & that is the usual practice. Being consistent in the approach is important.


Hi deso,

Everytime I shuffle I get cards throwing themselves out of the deck :) So I always read them, just in case they are trying to tell me something :)


I definately take note of flying cards, as was said before, anxious to talk. I end up putting the card back into the deck and continue the shuffle and spread.


I do the same... use the cards. Once I was shuffling my cards and they completely reversed themselves in mid-shuffle. You'd really have to see it to understand what I mean. But I just thought, wow, now there's something that doesn't happen every day!

Rhiannon :)


Hi Joya250 - I'm curious as to why you simply return the card and keep shuffling - and I'm not the least bit suggesting that is wrong of you - I'm just incredibly curious.


I read flying cards in addition to a reading or my daily cards. I feel that this card has something to tell me that may not be related to the question that was asked. If it deals with the question at hand, or a different issue that warranted a full reading (sometime my cards overrule my question and the entire spread will be about a more important issue), then it would just wait to come up in the reading. I don't usually see them as more important, just in addition to, my reading.

Major Tom

Pay attention
Pay attention
I'm talking to you
and I
hope you're concentrating...

I'm with MeeWah on this one }> Cards that vie for your attention - outside your concious will - are definitely worth paying attention to.

How you pay attention is of course entirely up to you and how you choose.


good morning Deso,

Every time I shuffle, or almost every time, I get a flying card - or a card slips out, or I drop a few. I find it hard to accept that EVERY time I shuffle, there is a card that is so eager for my attention that it jumps out. I know things happen for a reason, but sometimes, well, a stray card is just that - a stray card. So, like I said, I made a rule for myself that I will not accept them. If it is SO important, then it will make an appearance when I draw a card "the proper way." As it's been said before on this forum, the cards are just cardboard (or 200# gloss stock - whatever!) and ink. I am the reader - the cards are just the tools.... and I choose to use those tools on my own terms. I have not been practicing for that long, so maybe my opinon on flying cards will change, but this is where I'm at right now.

later gator ;)