Flotsam and Jetsam Divination Kits! Help create one for you and one for me!


lefthandedgoth said:
Probably won't mean anything to you, but my friend Dan supplies the fossils to all the caves up there. He collects them from all over the place.

of course it does! small world. that's a job almost any kid would love to have.

I also like those dice. Here's a link. I bet you can find them in a game shop.


i've seen (*cough*own*cough*) 10- 12- 20-siders all over the place, but none of the game shops i've ever been in have the astrological ones. now, sadly, there is no game shop nearby. i don't mind getting them online, however. thanky. ;)


Those dice were a gift from Scion. He passed them out at the Reader's Studio for the past two years now. And Yes, they are way cool.

I know he has a few sets left...are you going to the Studio? })


The dice with astrological symbols are made by Koplow Games. They do all sorts of learning & novelty dice- there's even a set for Pizza Toppings while you're gaming! :laugh:

Astrology Dice
Months of the Year
Body Parts
Compass Dice
Alphabet Dice
Emotidice (set of 30 emoticons)


OOOh! I LOVE Koplow dice!
I have a collection!

I have the rock paper scissors dice, and the hundred sided ball, and the probability dice (which is great if you want to make your own magic 8 ball!)


I was reading this thread and saw those dice and I just bought some of those astrology dice on Ebay - and the emotidice......

The Dungeon & Dragon type game multi shaped dice are gorgeous. I don't play but I bought some of the dice. Called Dragon Bones!! Who could resist lol. Mine are in a gorgeous swirly purple.


sweet fancy moses...


PIZZA TOPPINGS! *falls over giggling* perfect! and the months would be great, and i have to pull out my old crown royal bag now and see if my 100-sider was ever returned, and...

i forgot how much i love dice. now that my mapie gene has been reactivated by junk oracles, i can see koplow is going to be trouble. :D

who knew junk was a gateway drug? hehe.

(studio? i must to do search of threads later, m'lady...)


With all the stuff I"m getting from everyone I'm starting to think I might be making TWO divination kits! LOL I'm getting so much stuff that putting it into one kit might be a bit much! And I haven't even received everyone's packages yet! :bugeyed:

Since I've never used anything like this for divination what do you all think? How much stuff is too big? :p


I haven't considered it in a left brain sort of way, but I am using my pendulum to let me know which items wish to be included in kit #1, and I'm saving out the others for a future kit.


So glad I'm not alone in my passion for dice ... I have a big box full of RPG dice (okay, I play that too, but the dice get used for loooots of things!)

Actually ... ALL of the Lava Lamps packages contain at least one dice-y item :D


Yeah, this is a lot of stuff for one kit.

I think it boils down to how you'll use the stuff.

Will you toss/cast it or let people choose things and lay them out?

If you are going to let people choose things, like we did in the picture earlier in the thread, then you must sort it out and put the items out in little groups so that people have a sense of what is there.

How big is your box or pouch and will everything fit in there?

Did you assign a meaning to each item or will each item speak to you each time you throw? How many different meanings do you want speaking to you each time?

Does your cloth have areas of importance or associations like the elements or other areas like the astrological houses? How will your things work with your cloth?

So once you iron out some of these ideas you can figure out how many things make up a perfect group.

Once everything arrives and you set it out I think you will see what wants to live where, and things will fall together.

I absolutely cannot wait to start getting my packages. I've been watching the mail like a little kid waiting for her first craft kit to come in the mail! Ooo lah lah!