Flotsam and Jetsam Divination Kits! Help create one for you and one for me!


very cool :thumbsup: I like the glass bowl idea. When I reach into my bag things bite me! So I do need to find a different way! Thanks for telling us how your night went.


Hey fellow Junkies!

Come to the Sirens thread, where I've posted pics of my Treasures so far.

:D :D :D :D

Can you tell I'm excited?

Little Hare

hi satori,

can you let me know when you will be doing this again? would love to join


Little Hare


There are a few people who did a Swap Meet over in Tarot Games that are interested in a Second Round FnJ Exchange over here!

Keep posting you're interested & we'll see what Satori says. :grin:


Yes, I'd like in, if you do another round!


Okay. the Sirens exchange is now complete. My last package arrived today.

If there's another one of these, let me know. It was fun!


I'd like in too, if there is a second Flotsam and Jetsam exchange.



I too would love to join in a second round of this if one takes place :D


I've been gathering goodies in anticipation!


Looks like 4 "new" Interested Parties. Maybe once we get 1 more, that could be a new group of 5 to settle into a new cave/grotto?