Folks, it&#39s all a trick


'Lo all,

(I'm gonna just type until creaky computer crashes. And this is just as opinionated as I can make it to encourage discussion. I really don't know all the know there is to know, honest.)

Consider the difference between a stage magician and a psychic.

In front of the magician's stage is a table, and on the table a common deck of cards covered with a glass bell jar. A person from the audience (this person absolutely has to be above reapproach, 'cause if a confederate is used it's a cheap trick) is invited to life the bell jar, mess through the deck and select one card, putting it in a pocket or purse.)

Then the magician pulls a rabbit out of a top hat -- a hat you just know had to be empty. He then puts a woman in a box and saws her in half. Then he tells the person in the audience what card they selected.

Folks, I don't want to disillusion anyone, but they are all tricks. He really didn't saw that woman in half and then reassemble the bloody, mangled bits. Honest. Your job, as a member of the audience, is to be entertained, amazed, and to try to figure out how he dunnit, how he performed the trick.

If I come to one of you for a tarot reading, and first I take a deck of cards and select one of them sight unseen and prop it against my computer, then challenge you to "prove" your psychic ability by identifying that card, I am not asking for your intuition, insight, or whatever you call your psychic ability. I am asking you to perform a magic trick.

Hey, if you can do it, it's a great trick. I knew a guy once, a stage magician, who just might have been able to pull this off.

But it doesn't have anything at all to do with what I consider "psychic" or "tarot."

I think asking you to pull this off would be a waste of somebody's time. You, the reader, unless you're entertained by this kind of nonsense. Or me, the person who wanted the reading. Folks, it's all a trick.




the card by your system. *distorts face a bit, channeling the power of the web into her"

the Fool?
seven of penticles?

i'm wrong? damn...

..this has been a humorous post. if you feel you have read this post in error, then that's your deal now is it?...