Fool's Dog Tarot Apps!!


Oh, Lisa Hunt's latest creation is a great app, love it!

@Jason: Any chance there will be a release of Ciro's latest deck, Tarot Decoratif, as well?


At this late date, I just got my first ever cell phone (only about a week ago), and it is a Galaxy S5. It took two full days for this technological throwback to figure out how to do anything at all with it.... but once I did, my first official act was to put the 1910 Rider and the Tarot Royale on it. I didn't expect much, and I had grave doubts about being able to read with a digital deck in any capacity.
Damn. How wrong I was. I cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed using these on my "smarter-than-me" phone. I keep going back to the google play store to what else might be coming down the pike from Fool's Dog.
Thanks !!!


Any chance there will be a release of Ciro's latest deck, Tarot Decoratif, as well?
You really need to ask Ciro that kind of question. The rights holder determines when, and if, a deck is released as an app. In this case, I don't know what Ciro's plans are, but I kind of suspect that the app won't happen until there is a mass market edition of the deck.


Fair enough, thanks for the feedback, Jason!


I've completely run out of storage on my Xperia thanks to wonderful Fool's Dog tarot apps.


I do love my Fool's Dog apps. At first I wasn't sure how I'd feel about not having the cards in my hands, but I realize, my cell phone is empowered by my touch, its constant presence in my life, with my personal energies, and it's around me more often than my cards. LOL. This helped me get past any initial, and long erased, concern for not having the physical cards present. The phone is physical, the cards are symbols, energy, light--having them in any form can result in reliable readings. Sometimes more reliable, I find.

I love that they have one of my all-time favorite decks, The Prairie Tarot, as an option! I also use the Witches Tarot (Dugan and Evans), the Classic 1910 Tarot, and their Dondorf Lenormand daily.

I hope to see more Lenormand and oracle decks.


I Finally got a new Android mobil and quickly downloaded 3 decks from Fool's dog.
Holy light for the text (already got the deck)
Ostara and Urban cause they look awesome and the price for the apps is like a fraction of the cost to buy and ship them to sweden.
So happy with all 3 of them!
Perhaps my new monthly guilty pleasure will be a new deck for my phone!


I downloaded the sampler over a week ago. Love it and how I can choose what deck I do not want to see. It is helping me narrow down choices on which app decks I want to buy yet.


Oh wow I just saw that the Sampler app was out!

It's truly incredible!! Having a choice of 5-6 different cards for each of the 78 tarot cards wow!!

Being able to keep/remove cards or decks!

Also all those possible SPREADS! ♡

It's seriously fantastic. I love Fool's Dog apps! It makes you wanna buy so many decks though! :p


New Suggestions


How about adding the following decks:

Modern Spellcasters Tarot
Everyday Witch Tarot

Also, please add more oracle cards :)