Fool's Dog Tarot Apps!!


Jason, I updated my ipad pro last week and now the option to share the draw doesn't come up, just a popup that I need to to add an email address, no other choices like FB etc.

If it was my laptop I'd probably uninstall the decks and then reinstall. Don't know how to do that on an ipad, sorry.


Tanjamuse, added to the wish list.

AJ, try turning your iPad all the way off and then back on again and see if that improves things. If that doesn't work, you could always setup a mail account, which will allow it to get unstuck, after which the normal how do you want to share your reading choices should start coming up.


Jason, in the card detail text the links appear messed up after update to iOS 10. Is this a known issue? Example: Shadowscapes


Yes, that is a known problem. We did all the updates before iOS 10 shipped, based on a developer pre-release. Then they changed iOS just slightly right at the end in a way that messed up the underlines on the full text from book links. We have already fixed the problem; but won't be updating all of the apps all over again right away for that minor of a problem.


Woohoo, Pagan Cats Tarot is now available as an app. Been wanting to see this one in app form for a while now :thumbsup:


I downloaded the apps for the Lenormand (Dondorf) and the Bonefire, and I'm quite happy with them! :)

I guess that with the Morgan-Greer Tarot there are probably some copyright issues?
If not it would be great to have it in app!!


I know Fool's Dog don't have an options for the Thoth, but just wondering if anyone knows if there is a Thoth app available elsewhere? I haven't used any tarot apps yet but am keen to try out one or two from Fool's Dog very soon. Thanks :)


There aren't any licensed Thoth apps available. The OTO (the current rights holders) don't currently offer licenses for apps. There have occasionally been unlicensed apps that are using the images without permission, but they tend to get removed from the store after a while.

There is more discussion of this in this thread.


I've got the Rosetta App, and the Liber T App and now (drum-roll) you release the Night Sun Tarot. Brilliant work. You have absolutely set the standard for tarot apps. Congratulations on utterly sterling work. Thank you.

Luna's Crone


Jason, when is Wisdom of pearls gonna be ready????