For those with depresion/anxiety, what helped you out?


I would like to know what books, or music, or activities and what not helped you through when you were just hitting rock bottom, felt stuck, trapped and no where to go?

Truth be told since summer of 2011 as I look back I was extremely depressed. I have already switched to new medicine in hopes they'll help. Just living with my sister failed, then roommates I never met (Managers do a crappy job at the apt. of placing you with people). There are times when I get very dark thoughts and just I can't get myself out of the rut. I know I plan on moving and very much hope to find a new place to move. I'm sick of my head right now, and it's just hard to heal in my case with negative people not to mention I don't feel safe at home.

I do plan on re reading self help books again, I am always told to meditate but do both help you? Also for aritsts out there even if you draw or play music, does that help you?

Also, I wish I can stop trying to please people, because i always get hurt. I try to be nice but still I get hurt. I wonder if there is a way to use my mind instead of my heart when someone upsets me? It's just when someone treats me like crap I think it's me not ever them. :(

I will admit I haven't drawn or written lately but perhaps i should more. :)

Also if you live with your parents, DO NOT MOVE INTO ROOMMATES ESPECIALLY STRANGERS YOU DO NOT GET TO MEET. It's hell, it's just pure hell and back. It's very true that you miss what you had once you don't have it anymore.


Things that have helped me.

- Talk about it. With anyone who's trustworthy. It really does help to be heard, even if they have no practical advice to offer. Just knowing that you're not alone with your thoughts helps a little.

- Art, walking, music ... anything that makes you happy or relaxed or gives you joy can possibly help. Exercise can help.

- For ME, I needed meds. I never believed it until I tried it, and now I'm firmly of the belief that my depression is a "simple" chemical imbalance. Once they finally got the meds right, I feel like myself again. After starting to talk about it, I found out that most of my extended family on one side suffers from depression too. If I hadn't seen the drastic improvement in my energy, mood and motivation, I would not have believed it. All the talking and art in the world couldn't even begin to approach what balancing my brain chemistry has done.



I have had years of depression on and off, from very young. Only recently have I been able to help myself.... which is kinda sad.

Creativity.... whatever form it takes is priceless..... I know its hard to want to create when you are down but if you can just start make a small move towards it... even just browsing the web for artists in your field.

Singing.... music you love

Animals to care for


Writing.... write write write......

Smile.... just smile even if it is mechanical

And when it is really bad.... take a deep breath and tell yourself, one minute is all I have to get through... minute by minute.... and this too will pass.

In the dire times watch old movies.... try to get involved in anothers world.

Read a book called "Radical Gratitude and other life lessons learned in Siberia" by Andrew Bienkowski....

Find what you love in life, what makes your heart leap inside.....

Forgive yourself for anything you blame yourself for....

Grab the serotonin as soon as its there and use it....!

I hope some of this helps.... ((((((((HUG)))))))))

ETA Watch a movie on youtube called Validation :)


Medication, medication, medication. That's what it was for me and I need to get back on something soon. I start seeing a counselor in January, in fact. I'm not deeply depressed right now but I recognize when I need to get back on medication. Like GryffinSong, it's an imbalance with me and it runs in my mother's side of the family.

Along with medication, just getting outside of myself and not hibernating is a good thing. I'm a very creative person, so there's not a problem getting me to do art work as long as I'm not depressed, but if I'm extremely in the depths, there's no chance I'll do any art or anything. I can't motivate myself to do creative things, clean the house, or do just about anything at all if I'm deep in the depths of depression. I can barely get myself out of bed. I don't even shower. The fact that I'm making things to put on my website right now is a good clue that, although I know I need to get on medication again, I'm still not too terribly depressed.

I haven't been on an anti-depressant for over ten years, but it's time to look into that again.


I have suffered with depression my whole life (now in my fifties). I do recomend that you seek help from a professional. It is a medical condition, and you might need medication for imbalances.

Recently anxiety became a problem and I found this book. It helped me to learn to understand the process and how to calm myself. I am not saying this is a replacement for seeking help from professionals, but it is something that you can do for yourself.

Recomeneded reading: The Mindful Way through Depression
by: Mark Williams, John Teasdayle, Zindel Segal, and Jon Katbat-Zinn

Good Luck to you and remember that you are not alone :heart:


Thanks for the advice guys and I will definitely check out that book :)

Just depression is a drag especially when you have trouble seeing a light. D:

Does negativity really bring in negativity? D: Or they just say that to scare you?


Thanks for the advice guys and I will definitely check out that book :)

Just depression is a drag especially when you have trouble seeing a light. D:

Does negativity really bring in negativity? D: Or they just say that to scare you?

It self explanatory I guess ..of course it does..... I have proved this to myself so many times.... but we take a lifetime to learn.

I agree medication can help but you mentioned you were already on something? Prozac saved my life, but you need more, its a whole change of attitude.... everything needs to change from within.

I know how hard it is.....

The upside is that being positive also breeds great results.


I don't get very depressed but in the few instances I experinced this, like when I was going through severe complications due to a second kidney transplant, I found the following helpful:

a) going back to playing the piano by getting a very flexible and nice teacher who made it easy for me through encouragement - I used to play the piano but I stopped, so since I didn't have anything to do, I opted to resume studying. I found myself getting up early to practice and play pieces I enjoyed and choose challenging ones.

b) Study tarot - i would buy different decks, study them, do self readings endlessly and journalize them - I notice it made me feel much better

c) eat bananas - surprisingly, a friend recommended this eith her joke that bananas are good which is why monkeys never get depressed

d) take lots of cold water - this one does change my disposition and my energy - makes me more alive and alert and I don't know wjy

e) watch some dvds I enjoy over and over - those that give me a high, not the ones that may you cry - from horror to comedy and sci fi.

f) although I am transplant, when I go out, I wear a mask - and then I go malling - going around, snooping and sniffing for things I dream I would buy when I get better, and then stop by a coffee shop like Starbucks or Coffee Bean, relax enjoy a small piece of cake and nice brewed coffee and watch the world go by

g) take off with my partner and just drive to provinces to take mice pictures of sceneries, people, churches and whatever.

I guess I am lucky because I have a partner that enjoys these things and also does these things when she gets depressed...

h) worse case, I take a bath and while doing so, I imagine that the water cleanses me of all the negative energies causing me to be depressed and then, even if it is difficult, I repeatedly say to myself like a mantra - this will br a great day for me today and I will do wonderful things... it does work.

I found out that for prevention, I set a goal a day, no matter how simple so that I have a direction or sense of accomplishment for the day... I learned it from watching a video of Steve Jobs when he was coping with his cancer. The goals are just small - one page study of a Beethoven piece, download three pieces of music I would enjoy listening to, go to the mall and look for bags, and so on.


. . . but you need more, its a whole change of attitude.... everything needs to change from within.

I know how hard it is.....

The upside is that being positive also breeds great results.

Yes. It is incredibly difficult to do but possible. Literally changing one's mind to a different mindset which then affects deeper levels of who we are, which in turn affects what we do and say, which in turn affects how we think, which in turn affects the subconscious, and in turn affects what we do and say . . . .. you get the picture.

Sometimes it's easy to confuse a positive attitude with pretending to be happy, the two are distinctly different. The former is a belief in and determination to be positive whilst understanding that not everything is perfect while the latter is a lie.

I can't help but post this article here, it is so true and makes some good distinctions between thinking and doing.

It is a harsh viewpoint but it is SO truthful and that is what counts. To quote:

Because in my non-expert opinion, you don't hate yourself because you have low self-esteem, or because other people were mean to you. You hate yourself because you don't do anything. Not even you can just "love you for you" -- that's why you're miserable

From a Spiritual point of view (to keep this thread here in Spirituality), what do you believe? Sometimes writing it down and looking at what you actually do to make your life what it is can be a start. Then choose something, anything and either change it or enhance it.

Medication - yes but Meditation - YES!


tarot has actually really helped me! before I got back into it, I was really bad at hobbies and interests and doing things which weren't the internet or watching tv. I wasn't doing "constructive" things or reading. Finding a hobby that I can put effort in and study and learn more about has helped. I couldn't do a study course or anything because anxiety / depression had affected me and found it too overwhelming!

in a year I have put some work into tarot everyday and my skills and knowledge have improved! there is visual success about that! Pick something you love and study it or get better at it! lots of people find gardening or being with nature very good in this area. If you are growing vegetables for example, there is also an element of success if it goes well! if it doesn't you learn what how you went wrong and try to improve on that. walking in nature really helps me! I love being outdoors!

I have real trouble with setting goals and really need to work on that more! I had a psychological treatment and they suggested SMART goal setting, think of a goal and make sure its Specific, Meaningful, (Measurable is also used for the M). Attainable, Relevant, and Timely (I will do this within a week for example). Some days I just try and do one thing in a day. Like wash up in the kitchen. At least that day I have done one thing!

Be kind and gentle to yourself! I am very positive and supportive to friends but then really negative about myself! I beat myself up a lot and when something goes wrong it starts a whole cycle of feeling I have failed. Try little steps, instead of massive things!

Last thing is because I am negative about myself, I record things in my brain negatively a lot! oh that was a bad day, oh that went badly. Start a list and at the end of each day write 3 good things that happened or you did that day! You start to realise it's not all bad!

Being mindful and living in the moment is supposed to really help. When you are anxious you worry about the past and future constantly and forget about now! that's an area I am still working on :) Finally remember there is so many people in the world in the same situation as you! Also situations in life, get better and they get worse. I suffered for years and gradually was becoming more and more functional and then in 2011 it all got worse. However things get better from when they get worse! lots of people have really terrible parts of their life, just hang in there through the bad times! :heart: