for users of colored pencils...


morning guys--

i've found colored pencils to be a wonderful medium, as you can tell from my cards. but they have a big downside-- breaking leads. i'm sure it's happened to you too, sharpen and sharpen a pencil only to have the lead break...

well, i found out that the broken lead will fit my drafting pencil. it's a Koor-a-nor techograph. the lead fits securely in the pencil's 'claw', and you can use almost all of it.

i now have a small dish of broken pencil points on my drawing board rather than a load of frustration...

happy wednesday


Colored pencils are a great thing. I suggest ANYONE who uses them to use what my friends and I call "God's colored pencils" brand Prismacolors. They are the best quality out there. I also recomend "God's paper", bristol board. ;)


Oh my god. I swear by Prismacolors. The Aeon card I just made was colored using those. I have the set with fluororescents too, which makes it extra fun and bright.


That's a great idea- sticking the leads in a drafting pencil! You must go through a lot of colored pencils! ;)


gosh, Ravenswing.... your cards are still awesome... have I said that b4?? I love colored pencils.... **Insomnia taking over**

My art instructor tells his students that if you your a shaver sharpener (the one with one blade) that your tips will break more often. That the shaver breaks the wood. Whereas using the type of electrical sharpener (or like one found on the walls at a US school) with a grinder, the tips won't break as often (from sharpening).

also.... please.... I beg of you!! Never use Gouache on a colored pencil drawing!! I learned by experience.... my pretty pic of a dog... poor thing... the dog was put in the dryer. Literally. BTW: Gouache (guh-wash) is an opaque watercolor...

**ends rambling**


I think I am giong to start using colored pencils..I cant draw..Thats ok..juust colored pencils is the only medium I like using..

Do you guys reccomened any good books on colored pencil techniques for someone who has not really ever used them>?


There's some good online tutorials if you search under the words 'color pencil technique' and I KNOW there's a bulletin board on using color pencils but haven't been there in over a year, it was quite extensive.

Prismacolors and one other brand are always being recommended--for the color, blending capability and softness. Too many 'hard' leads end up scratching when some rock hard mote gets to the surface. Paper makes a difference too, as does having a nice hard surface under it when you're really pushing down.

But I've run across two or three very good books too--try a search over at the Dick Blick site, I know they carry them! There was a color pencil artist featured in the artist classes at a science fiction convention I went to a few years...ok a bit over a decade ago...that I went to, and she had blending techniques that I've never heard of but they all worked & eliminated time & effort to boot. Some of those should show up in the books you'll find.


Thanks HudsonGray..i will check it out..along with paper and all the other stuff lol..sounds like a bigger project then i thought.



I don't use true color pencils.

I use watercolor pencils for detail and then soften it with a brush. My favorite medium is watercolor pens. A tool that was advised in a class for drawing birds was amazing for me -- it's a cartridge holder with a spongelike brush tip. The cartridge holds water. So if you use watercolor pencils or watercolor pens and want a slight, precise blending, this adds to your versatility...

Mari H.


Interesting Mari..I will have to check out the different ones to see which would be best for me.

I cant paint worth anything LOL