"fortunetelling" and DIVINATION

Dee 04

OK - Off and on I feel like I have a working definition on these two terms - and then I read critiques on decks (on other forums) that seem to put these two in either the same category or in diofferent categories...

so to add to my confusion :D (just kidding) - I thought I 'd ask ya'll to help me define these or two terms or tell the difference b/w the two - if any.

Thanks - :)


In my book there is not a difference to these two terms - it's more that in an attempt to 'legitimize' ourselves we stopped calling it fortune telling to distance ourselves from the phonies and call it divination to make it sound less 'woooo-wooooo' to the paying public.



as far as I know, it´s what Tarotbear says. I dont know any difference either, "fortunetelling" takes fortune or fate as a basis, "divination" sounds more neutral and serious. In the end both are the same. Divination comes from latin and roots in the divine, so may sound more elevated.
Normal people are "hungry", better ones "have appetite" - it´s the same...:)


Dee 04

Thanks guys:

that is what I intitally thought - I felt that "fortunetelling" had a bit of a stigma attached to it and as you have already said - DIVINATION sounds more serious.

But I guess when I see it categorized as two different things - I get confused - but Thanks - I won't get easily swayed next time. :D


for me, personally,......fortunetelling is what some psychics do when they tell you that you will get married and have 2 kids and you hubby is going to be blond and his name starts with the initial D

divination is when you look at the person's life and assist them in creating a happier, more productive (look at obstacles and blockages) life.

but, this is just my opinion.