le pendu

Dear All,

I'm still rather stunned by the loss of AT but glad that all of the threads we shared over the years will still be available for browsing in the future.

I'd like to invite any members that are interested in studying tarot history to if you'd like to browse or join. We have nearly a decade of posts about tarot history on the site. I've updated the system software to the latest, freshest version and registration seems easy and straightforward, so I hope to see you there.

best wishes to all for your future adventures,


Robert, I am delighted to see you. Your forum is wonderful and I'm sure many AT members will register, now you've graciously streamlined the process. I've been a member for years and can't say enough good about it.


Thank you for letting us know, Robert.
I would love to join and learn more about the history of tarot :)



Tarot History Forum is one of my favorite - so much interesting information, so many ingenious thoughts and insightful ideas…

I’m happy that finally I’ve registered on it. :)


Hi Robert!! Long time no see! I will have to come back and see if I recall my name and password. I think I'm Prudence but it's possible I'm a name that begins with N.

I hope you are doing well and thriving across the pond. :)


I think I have an old account there - I love reading through posts in this section and on that website. More of a lurker than a contributor, though, since I am by no means an expert. I am surprised with the new look, though, not that it looks bad. :)


Edited to add: Hah! My account still works! I am BlueToy there. :)