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I am in the very beginning process of creating images to use for a fractal deck. I say deck as it will either be an oracle or I will empower the cards with different forms of esoteric energies. If I did that it would be an empowerment deck.

I am only working on basic images now. When I complete them I have no idea how to proceed from there even after reading many of your fine posts. I was thinking they should last and I would hope someone would mass produce although I'm not sure that would be likely or not for a fractal? In any case I would eventually like white edging around the image so there is an area to write either a key word if it's an oracle or the type of empowerment if I make it an empowerment deck. And rounded edges, no sharp ones.

I would very much love any ideas or suggestions any of you might have. I can do the art and keyword or empowerment part... beyond that I have NO experience.

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I'm literally running out the door or would say more (but I will try to add more later - and expect you'll find more help here from others here too) but just to ask if you know the Fractal Firebird deck? It was not mass-produced but I have no idea if it was turned down by publishers or if the artists simply preferred to self-publish.

Apart from that I can't comment on your chances of being published - especially without understanding and seeing more of your work. But don't be too daunted by self-publishing if that's the way you go in the end. It is sometimes a better option, and there is good experience here to draw on.

Best of luck!


Fractals :)

I hadn't heard of the Firebird but I just went to look. The images on that one look quite nice! I found 2 other fractal decks as well which I wasn't as impressed with... the Chaos and the Universal.
I was just wondering about Fractal publishing in general. I am not ready show my fractal wonders just yet. ;-) I SO love fractals!

While i was reading posts, I saw how some people had so many troubles with self publishing. For example rounding the person still kept getting little bumps on the edges... Even just thinking about that whole process scares and overwhelms me. I have a new and immense great respect for those who do that now.

I do have some art posted at my website. Some are fractals and some are not. The fractal images are on page 2 of my mini gallery. They are not ones I plan to use for a deck. Resizing fractals doesn't usually work that great anyway.

Thanks for your assistance. :)

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Preliminary Showing Soon & Questions?

Okay... now I need some help... ;-)

I have enough preliminary art done to feel good showing some. How do I do it though so that I don't have to worry about copyright and all that? Would putting some on my website with the copyright notice on the page (not the images) be enough or should I just show the images to a select few? How does this part work? help?!

Also... with fractals... the image is just the fractal to start. I have not added borders or keywords yet. I can learn how to but should I? Would a potential publisher prefer to do that part? So many questions.... Can anyone recommend a good program that could add a border and keywords within the borders to my images?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. :)

Ps.. I have decided this first one will be an oracle deck, not an empowerment one. If I get lucky and someone wants to publish it, then I'll proceed with the next one depending how this one sells etc...

Meantime, I'm having lots of fun zoning out creating these fractals. :)

Blessings & Light,