Band practice canceled, and no homework to be done. The only cure? Tarot spreads.

I've been meaning to make a spread based on Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, so here it is. This spread can be used without prior knowledge of the book, but I suggest reading the book either way, as it's one of my favorites.

Card 1- Frankenstein
----The querant's state of mind. This card may give hints to the querant's current obsession.
Card 2- The Monster
----The outcome of the querant's current obsession
Card 3- Elizabeth
----The querant's escape to reality. Could be a person, hobby, mindset, etc.
Card 4- William
----The sacrifice. What has been lost by this obsession.

Cards 5, 6, and 7- The Transcripts
----Whatever message the cards have for the querant.

Laid out in no particular order, just in time for Halloween.


interesting spread [:-]

gonna try it soon....