Freaky Tarot Experinece.....


Last night I did something I haven't done in many years. I pulled the major Arcana from my "Tarot Classic" deck and laid it out in order. I was working in a small space so I had to put it in two rows. I held The Fool back and started with The Magician up to 10 on the first row. On the second row I laid them directly under the top row. I got a strange chill as I studied the cards laid out in front of me. I then put The Fool with The World and that was the icing on the cake. Every pair (top & bottom card, for example: V and XV) related very strongly to each other, even The Fool and The World make sense as being together. I've always used decks that are not numbered traditionally, so I guess that's why I never noticed this. I urge anyone to try this that hasn't. If you have a deck that has the card order (numbers) changed, put it back in Marseilles (traditional) order for this exercise. Honestly, everyone into tarot should get a Marseilles/Classic pack and I reget putting it off so long (almost 20 years LOL..), at least for study purposes. Thank you JMD. This is like an anagram being solved for me, only I found the answer in an indirect "by chance" manner.

This isn't scary to me and I'm very glad that I discovered this for myself. I'm sure some tarot writers talk about this in books, but to honest, I've never read about it. It confirms to me that the tarot has a little more history to it than just a forgotten European card game. I had given up on all the "mystic" tarot history of Gebelin and Papus, but this makes me wonder once again about the origin of the tarot.

I have been content for years to relate the history of the tarot to my favorite game Chess, but now I'm beginning to wonder again about those "22" cards (and the other 56) that still hold our attention and continue to speak to us on a deeper level than any amount of words ever could.

Anyone here have any opinions or comments on this?

God Bless,


p.s.: Sorry for the typo on the subject header,it won't let me change the spelling.


Great experience Freddie, I have ecknowledged the same idea as you have learned. The Fool can either be at the beginning or at the end, after all this is the journey that the Fool must experiece and undertake. Strangley enough we must make the same ourselves. There always seems to be a beginning and an end completion no matter how big or small it is in this life, and no matter how long it may take or of what format it will be. Clearly we as mankind or womankind, are given dominion over the earth with all it's elements and forces whether animal or vegetable. The Fool has a choice to just stand still and do nothing, or learn and gain lessons of experience & wisdom the hardway. In making the right choices and decisions, the Fool has finally lived and survived to tell about it. The dog (pup) already instinctively knows better even before the Fool takes his first step of what awaits ahead of him.
I often experience when studying or reading the cards that my hands or the cards themselves can feel like hot or cold, or as well like a magnetic pull or push when touched or held. I attribute this as the elements or forces of the Tarot teaching and imprinting their wisdom and knowlege for you, exactly like the magician.
Thanks for sharing !