Frolic with the Fey


Being a new deck that so many here have come to love upon first sight....
Being a deck with (IMO) a totally different feel to it by way of it's uniqueness.....
a study group.....
the contents of the SG would be something like the usual...
spreads from the book
... they seem to have been developed just for this deck, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
I would also like to do some sort of free form interps/feelings/story based on the images....
Fey do have a mind of thier own after all...
and PLEASE....anyone who can think of another area to focus tell
{I had another one but CRS has set in temporarly}
feel free to start with your fav. card or most difficult to grasp card, etc....


the amazing fey...

hi all...

first thing I've got to say is WOW.

Since I started designing my deck, two tarots have come out that I really wanted to get. The Quest and the Fey. But being in the midst of creation, I didn't want to have to split energies...

Waiting lasts only so long. I finally gave in and purchaced both-- almost simultaneously. Well...

The Quest left me cold. I'm not overly fond of computer-generated imagery, I like people to look like people and it felt like too much information crammed into too small a space. I hope Redwood does better with it-- LOL!!

But the Fey...

I got the box and carefully opened it. I was quite happy that there was a separate box for the deck-- that doesn't happen much anymore it seems.

I took out the book and read the introduction and the section on divination. I stopped there.

I took out the boxed deck and removed the wrapping. I am one who likes the smell of a new deck. Then again, I also like turpintine...

Then I did one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I put the deck back in the box without looking at it. Right then, I decided to sleep with the deck to make that connection before looking at the deck. It just seemed the proper thing to do.

No special dreams or anything out of the ordinary that night. I sat at my altar with the deck and skimmed through it. Then once again, slower this time. An absolutely amazing deck-- I fell in love with it immediately. And it is the first deck I have ever gotten that said to me: READ ME.

(For the most part, I use the cards for development and examination. Reading is something I have rarely done. And I could count the number of other people I have read for on less than a hand. Insecurity, perhaps...)

I shuffled and shuffled. As I handled this deck, I dropped right into altered state just by the act of the shuffle. I fanned out the cards and chose four. A new deck reading.

first card-- what you (this deck was a persona right away) can tell/teach me:

the Queen of Chalises this just happens to be my personal potential card. So it teaches me myself (??)

second card--

the ten of chalises

third card--

the six of chalises

fourth card-- first advise

knight of chalises-- here is the question of deciding between the sword and the cup. i have always been a sword type, short on intuition... and my sun is in cancer. the knight rides a lobster (pretty close) with a moon inscribed on the saddle.

Well... nuthin' but cups

Hmmm... time for a bit of a change I think...

Other funny little things dealing with creativity.

The Hermit could easily have been done by Esher. He's one of my favorite artists, and I have used some of his concepts in the creation of my deck.

The Wheel has two fey playing with building blocks. In my variant of the Tower, I have a child using building blocks.

All without having seen this deck. I love synchronisities...

And so far, in all my usings, the deck has spoken true. I'm not sure if this is an original spread, but it just came to me last night:

Set six cards in an inverted triangle.

first row-- 3 cards (1)past, (2)present, (3)potential future
second row -- 2 cards (4)challenge (5)strength
third row-- 1 card (6)advice

I also looked at the small inner triangles of three cards:

cards 1, 2 and 4 inverted triangle
cards 2, 3 and 5 inverted triangle
cards 2, 4 and 5 upright triangle
cards 4, 5 and 6 inverted triangle

I'm not sure exactly how to designate these other triangles. They just seemed to be 'right things' to look into

What I am doing now is trying to get to know the Fey. A card at a time when I can. Perhaps I might even get to know them by name...

Fly well


I love this deck. I read the entire book riding on the bus back and forth to work and have really bonded with it.
The 7 of Swords where the fey is merging with the stones. That card is amazing to me. It shows what you can become in those kinds of situations.


Ravenswing, you are a patience person. If i'm you, i will open the deck and go through it straight after i bought it. I cant wait for a night!!


another thought...

I almost forgot--

I congradulate Mara and Riccardo for having the courage to produce a deck where the card number does not determine the number of objects. There are many decks where I think artistic expression has been comprimised because the six of wands HAS TO HAVE six wands, etc.

In their visual expression of the concept of a card, they have realized that one is able to express both the aura of the suit AND the meaning of the number without needing to combine the two. And done it well. This is quite an achievement and a large step forward.

My thanks to the two of you.

fly well


INITIATION~ In the Beginning

Ravenswing....great start for the study group thread. What was everyones first experience, and first draw of the you mention sychronicity, I'm one who lives by it, as I was at a loss on where to start, well you fell right on in line, inspired by the Fey.

QUOTE Well... nuthin' but cups

here are my first cards per the reationship with the deck....
3 Cups
10 Cups
2 Cups
hence..."Frolic with the Fey"
I first saw this deck in the Llewellyn Catalog. I saw FEY...{note: Luna la FEY} and I saw purple...did not need to know any more. I went home and ordered this deck way back in June...It was not to be avialble until August, but then there was a delay with Llewellyn. Then the day of arrival came. To the post office I went, I was cutting the tape on the package while walking back to the truck. In my haste, I tore the edge of the decks box, but that was ok, I usually don't keep them in the box, and I usually clear tape the boxes and store them away. I thumbed through the deck and instantly "said" I would not be using reversals. I felt such a positive air about the deck. When I got into the book, the positive flow continues in the descriptions and meanings.

QUOTE There are many decks where I think artistic expression has been comprimised because the six of wands HAS TO HAVE six wands, etc.

I am with you on this one. My other fv. deck, Legends, has a 'story painting'{like Fey} for the suits, rather than making 4 coins part of the image. But, there is a small 'emblem' in the corner with 4 coins so you know what card it is, rather than printed in the boarder like the Fey. The Fey is a first for me in this respect.
Again, like Legends, I read the The Fey book..for the fun of it. I started a story based on cards drawn from Legends(never finished)....I'm feeling compelled to do the same with FEY...but there would be difference. The legends story had no reltion to the theme of the deck, just the meanings of the cards. With the Fey, I can see the Fey themselves creating the story.

I love the Wheel card!!! It was one of the ones I was really drawn to when first introduced.


what's the chance??

Okay LunaLaFey--

Here's a question for you...

What's the chance that two people pull three cards from a deck, only get one out of four suits, and have the same second card?

Answer: there's isn't any chance, it's a happening....

so-- it teaches you joy; it shows me myself. pretty close as i see it.

we both are 'expected' to bring the same thing to this deck. an expectation to share in love and joy (i think i might be able to handle that one :) )

your relation with the deck is one of love; mine is reflection. both seem to be a direct extention of the teaching of the deck.

and the first piece of advice i'm given is to balance out. for the last couple of months i HAVE been quite unbalanced in many ways.

Well... there's been more advice given since the first layout (and much taken --LOL). as i said before-- quite an amazing deck.

like i said before, i'm looking into the cards one at a time. i'll post my observations and we can go from there. i think i may do a random draw rather than in any set order. let the fey introduce themselves as they will.

and tonight's draw is.... (shuffle, shuffle)

the seven of wands.

bing! bing! bing!
synchronisity time. the seven of wands is a card I recently finished. and take a look at it:

i love this deck

fly well


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I love this deck too and it has already giving me good readings and deep insites

But my new deck spread was not as "loving" as the readings of the both of you.( green with envy LOL )

What will you teach me?: Ace of swords
What must i do?:Nine of swords
What will our relationship be like?:Queen of pentacles

I think that this deck was trying to tell me that it will give me clear and confronting readings without holding back. Its deffintaly not a sweet deck..but its going to work with me like the pentacle queen...motherly and grounded.
And is hould allow pain and hurt and try to learn something from it.
Not an easy task but i'm glad this deck is there to help me with this :)


Hey, guys, just got this deck, and I'm finding it a curious contradiction.
My new card spread was sufficiently different to your feelings, and my expectations, that I thought I'd share it:
What will you teach me? Judgement
What will I have to do? The world
How will our relationship be? 7 Swords
I found this to be a curiously negative reading. It's almost hinting at shadow work really- identifying and owning what is hidden. If so, it's a dramatic departure from what I would expect. I'd love to know your take!


LOL we are discussing the 7 of swords in -Fey~daily draw~

Judgement is an interesting card...the artist seems to be having a creative block....perhaps it speaks of starting from scratch....the Fey seem to be quite different than most....many Fey all round the she even aware that they are there?
then the very next card......the world of the FEY!......hop on board
(this card reminds me of the old Dr. Doolittle and the sea snail the rode for an adventure?)
7 of swords.....rescouseful fey....using the surroundings to her advantage......there is an element of blending here.