FSC Sign up July 3rd ~ July 24th.


Hello Faery Seekers!

Sorry for the delay. this is Baroli stepping in for Marion and I will be running the FSC this month. :D

Time for the sign up thread for the July 3rd to 24th round of the Faery Seekers.

Standard notes:

~ This circle is for the use of the Froud Faery Oracle deck, and other decks would be used in the general Oracle circles.

~ Please don't sign up if you can foresee big time problems for yourself, remember you will disappoint your partner. *But*, if unexpected time issues occur, please contact your partner immediately and sort things out and develop a timetable. Communication is very important.

~ Readings and feedback (so leave your partner enough time to consider and give feedback) are to be completed by July 24th.

Spread for this round:

Two Paths In The Garden

From Mystic Faery Tarot ~~ Although this is a tarot spread, it will also work with the Fae.

Just like coming to a fork in a garden or woodland path, life is filled with multiple paths. When you are faced with a choice between two paths, use this spread to help you decide which to take.




1. What you need to know about where you are right now.

2 & 5: These are the benefits of each path.

3 & 6: These are the downsides of each path.

4 &7: these are the probable outcomes of each path.

We all know the fae love to hang out in the gardens, so I thought this would be a nice spread to help with decisions, on just about anything.

Of course, you don't have to use this spread. This is just the suggested spread for this round.

Sign up is open Now until July 2nd, in the evening and I will post the list of readers from there. It will be in the usual style that Marion has established of a true reading circle.

Ok gang, lets have some summer fun with our faeries!!

Baroli :D


Reading circle group will be posted here.

So sorry I am late.

Goldnchyl reads for Batchicken

Batchicken reads for Magenta

Magenta reads for faerylvr

faerlvr reads for Kenny

Kenny reads for Goldnchyl

Baroli Have fun.


I'm in... and working on creating that spread for August... yikes!!! glad this is my slowest month :)


Count me in


Hi there!! For a moment I thought I was at COS. Glad to see you.

The fae are ready and waiting.

Baroli :D


As I am running late on the round that just passed, and looks like I will be really busy I will have to pass this round. Have fun everyone!!! :D

Baroli, thanks a ton for stepping in. That is what I love about this study group! The people in it!


No problem Jewel, we will catch you on the flip side. :D

Always happy to help.



Like Jewel I'm going to have to stay out this time. I still need to catch up and do my reading for geministar for the last round. :( I promise I'll do it as soon as possible. So I'm going to have to say no to this round. Have loads of fun without me!! :*


faunabay, no problem, catch on the next round ;)



Count me in, please!