Full Moon...anyone doing anything special?


I am doing a ritual this evening that will culminate at the New Moon. Anyone planning anything special?


haven't had any time to really plan to do anything and I have not really been feeling well the last few days. So, I think if anything, I'm going to UP my healing meditations and help with the full moon that it will help me feel better. :D

not that it is anything serious--I think just 'after' travel woes--and trying to get back into the swing of things. But, I am very exhausted and over tired and along with this comes other issues. So, looking forward to doing more meditating and concentrating on feeling better and more rested. :)


I've begun to pay a little more attention to what sign the full moon is in, and to see where it lines up in my astrological chart. This past full moon was in the sign of Virgo, and I have Virgo in my 6th house (disease, obstacles, health, pets).

Ironically (or maybe not so much) I found myself filing a workman's comp complaint on my shoulder. While I know that Mercury is rx and it's a BAD BAD time to start any kind of paperwork, my supervisor has been through the process before, and she is meticulous with her notes and paperwork. In many ways she is like a Virgo who check and double checks all the details to make sure that everything is correct. I couldn't ask for better help.

So in honor of the full moon in Virgo (virgo's taking particular care with their health) and it being in my 6th house of health, I'm focusing on.... my health :)

I also made sure to take some extra time with my cat (funny, my favorite deck has a cat on the Hermit card), bought her some new toys and treats and loved her up for a good hours. She was a purring, drooling ball of fur and I was smiling like a Fool :D